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  • Terraplane

    Not a Studebaker but an old memory. My dad bought this car in 1945 in Peoria, AZ from a man named McKesson. It's a 1936 Terraplane Hudson. I remember it had 3" pistons and a 5" stroke flat head 6 with an oil bath clutch. I grew up in this car. We drove it from one transient camp to the other all over the Valley of the Sun and sometimes up Yarnell Hill to Prescott and Sedona. Every time we moved, we made one trip. If we didn't have room in the car, it was left behind. In the spring of1952 we drove it back to Monroe County, AR. I remember my dad drove a solid 45 mph. He would not drive at night, so it took several days to arrive. I think it was in the winter of 1952 that he sold it.

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    Sounds like it was a good, dependable car. With a 5" stroke, it must have had some torque. Imagine taking a cross country trip now, at 45mph.
    Tom Senecal Not enough money or years to build all of the Studebakers that I think I can.


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      My Grandfather had one and my Mother told me that their neighbors used to call it Arthurs coffee grinder as they thought it sounded like one , Ed


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        When sold in 1952 it was still only 16 years old.
        Many of us dedicate so much of our income to caring for Studebakers we can't afford daily drivers newer than a couple decades. The only thing I have newer than a Studebaker is a 22-year-old truck.
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          What memories this post and picture bring back. Our second car in the 50's was a 1936 Terraplane in Phoenix. It was Mom's car to drive, and I have a picture looks just like that. One day, while standing in the front seat she has to stop suddenly and the hand did not go out fast enough and I hit the dashboard right between the eyes. I looked over to her and said why did you do that? I was four at the time and had a slight bleed. Mom told me to put my finger on my forehead and when we got home the bleeding stopped. For years I had a slight 3 inch scar between my eyebrows

          Mom loved the Terraplane but when the brakes gave out, they thought no one carried parts for a 20 year old car. Probably sold it for cheap. Did not trade it in on a new 56 Commander; that was a 50 Plymouth with bed spreads for seat covers.

          Bob Miles


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            Talk about going only 45. That was before interstates. I think the speed limit was probably 60 but every few miles there would be a large or small town to have to slow down to 25 or 30 to go through. It was a different time.
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