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  • my new car

    Hello forum members this is my first post I live in Sydney Australia and I have just brought a 61 hawk !55 years ago I spotted my first one when a teacher drove through the Junior school playground one morning, I said then and there one day I’ll have one of those. Only see a handful down through the years mine was assembled in Australia after being exported in knocked down form from the USA. I’ve put a few photos up and if you look closely the horn button/emblem is cracked I don’t think it’s the right one for the car anyway ,does anyone know if nos stock is available? Another thing I would love to put on the car is a set of wire wheels any advise appreciated. The car has a reconditioned 289, variable speed assist electric power steering, disk brake conversion, period correct air con, cruise control and a few other things.
    cheers guys

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    Welcome! Great looking car. I have always thought the 1961 Hawks were the best of the bunch. I guess that is why I also have one. You have come to the right place to get help and information on your new addition. The Forum is the best!


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      Welcome !! Beautiful car you have there. Looks like it's a driver now, and a tinker and enjoy.


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        Welcome, Here is a list of Studebaker Vendor's as we have a large base of parts availability.

        I'm sure as you express your needs, you will get suggestions as to the appropriate ones. I usually check Studebaker International and Steven Allen as a first go round but there are many others that are quality operations.

        BTW, nice car.



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          Thanks for tips and feedback on parts etc guys.
          Have emailed a parts supplier in usa about a few parts. But have already sourced some parts I need out of Australia like new top and bottom radiator hoses replacement grill badge new plastic lense for horn button Ect from very helpful guy is Australia.
          thanks again