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1957 golden hawk

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  • 62champ
    Looks great Keith!

    One thing to think about on your electric pump - make sure the power to the pump runs through the ignition switch. A lot of people like to add a little toggle switch or something under the dash (which is fine - run power to switch through ignition) - but if something ever happens - your first instinct is to turn the key off and possibly forget to flip the switch for the pump. IIRC, heard about a guy who burned down his classic car because of an engine fire and forgot/did not switch off the electric fuel pump - pump was pumping away causing the whole car to go up in no time.

    Best of luck.

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  • keithwahl
    started a topic 1957 golden hawk

    1957 golden hawk

    Acquired in 2019 - installed power steering, custom radio, some electricals, new fuel system , electric pump