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  • '61 Studebuck

    Customer wished his '61 Regal 4dr made into a "Ute". Thought y"all might enjoy seeing this. I'm really not getting how to do the photos nicely. Sorry.
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    Stude is great!
    Pic's are fine!
    HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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      Absolutely, about the best modification yet for a Lark! Back in the day, when out of desperation...if the factory had produced this as a "T-Cab" variant, we would possibly be having a discussion about the desirability and collectible value of Studebaker's post-war equivalent of the "Coupe-Express!"

      In truth, unless we have first hand knowledge, we can't know of how well any customized vehicle performs, and we see tons of such efforts end up for sale on such venues as eBay, Bring A Trailer, auctions, etc. But, cosmetically...this one's a real winner!
      John Clary
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        Ross, good job on that Lark!

        Are you the same 'Ross' on that has built the Ranchero/Ute style Packards?
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          That is really cool! How did you fab the tailgate mechanism?

          Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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            Very, very nice work, Ross.
            Skip Lackie


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              I LIKE THIS. very nice change. Looks like a job done very nice. Nice detail


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                Generally not a fan of modified Studebakers, but this is very well done. Nice job!
                Dan Peterson
                Montpelier, VT
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                1960 Lark V-8 Convertible (parts car)


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                  This provides inspiration for something Ive wanted to do (but I have to get my Lark restored first).

                  Option 1: make a trailer to attach to my Lark, that has the same fenders and taillight section as the Lark, with a dropdown tailgate
                  Option 2: get a Champ pickup, and redo the bed and fenders using Lark fenders and taillights

                  Someday Ill have the time and money to do it...


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                    That UTE is quite different than most alright, it always works better using a 2 Door Wagon as as a base.
                    Remember if this one was a W Body 4 Door Sedan it only has a 109 inch wheelbase, a very short pickup.

                    I am surprised that the Door seam was not welded up, and that a "T" Cab rear panel was not used, they had to weld up their own custom one and use a Brand X rear window.

                    At least the builder had a reason though that is really neat storage under there.

                    This Lark has some REALLY beautiful work.

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                      This was done up for a customer after he saw my Packard "Packups"--I have made twelve of those using the same basic recipe. I mostly use 4-doors as they are readily available and when slightly tacky, unwanted. Heavy rectangular tubing ties the B and C pillars together and makes the cars quite rigid. The tailgate on this Lark was extra tricky as it used a portion of the trunk lid and a portion of the rear panel. It and its opening are framed in .09 sheet steel to tie all the pieces and the hinges together.
                      Response to this car has been terrific, even from the general public, so I have laid in a 61 Cruiser that was languishing unwanted on Craigslist for another go-round.