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My ' 55 coupe

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  • My ' 55 coupe




    My '55 Canadian built Commander Regal coupe

    Some of the long time Hamilton chapter members might recognize it as Ray Martin's old coupe, minus the skirts which are not yet installed

    It's black and pearl white , although the pearl doesn't show well in pictures

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    Sweet machine Jim...
    Is this the one you put the Jerry Forrester's chrome nose on?
    HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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    Note: SDC# 070190 (and earlier...)


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      yep= grille and engine chrome are all Mr Forresters
      and tanks


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        Sweeeeet. BP
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          A '55 Coupe with Regal trim is my favorite C body, and yours is no exception. That color combo is great, and I love the interior. The under-hood shiny bits are cool too. Nice car! [^]

          Matthew Burnette
          Hazlehurst, GA


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            I really like your car. The contrasting interior seat colors work well.

            I'm a lttle puzzeled by your statement that the pearl white does'nt photograph well. My 55 is black and pearl white and photos nicely.


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              Your Speedster is stunning too.

              In fact, I considered doing mine in that paint combo or the reverse-- white, black and white, but my wife said she'd shoot me if I changed it

              Pearl white shows as just white in pictures--or at least in my picture, instead of showing the pearl glow that the car has