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My 1964 GT Hawk with full R3 package

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  • My 1964 GT Hawk with full R3 package

    This is a recent picture of my 1964 GT Hawk which has taking over a decade to get to this point. It has an original Bonneville 30 gallon tank, flanged axles, twin traction, 1/2 " fuel line with return and even a roll cage made to copy that in the original number 5 car driven by Paula Murphy. This is a full R3 engine and with the air cleaner canister in front of the radiator (Andy Beckman sent me the engineers drawings), the R3 was rebuilt by Nimesh Solanki.
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    Wow - that is definitely a ‘one-of-a-kind’ ride. However, you are going to have to provide a lot more photos for those of us who are visual learners!

    One question - did Studebaker modify a standard tank to almost double the capacity of the stock or did they build something brand new?

    Looks great and keep those photos rolling through.


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      Congrats, Beautiful car..... Great achievement
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        What a great car! You should be very proud of your accomplishment. When time permits could you post pics of the interior(roll bar) and under hood to help inspire me with my GT?
        Cheers, Bill


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          On the fuel tank I think they sandwiched a spacer between the two halfs.


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            Originally posted by 70Avanti2 View Post
            On the fuel tank I think they sandwiched a spacer between the two halfs.
            A 12 gallon sandwich - thanks. Would be interested in seeing a photo.


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              Jack, I certainly hope you are driving that "Special" GT Hawk to the Southwest Zone meet Sept. 26,-29, right there in SAC.

              That R3 should be a REAL Performer! Especially if it has a 4 Speed and a 3.73 or better (Lower geared) rear axle ratio.

              It looks great in '64 Avanti Maroon (actually Burgundy).
              Second Generation Stude Driver,
              Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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                Cool beans, Jack; very nice. BP
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                  Wow! Impressive. Yes, more photos please!
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                    I am currently attempting to put together an R3 from assembled parts and have questions about the brackets and how they hook up (power steerting, alternator especially !!) Any detailed pictures of that particular configuration would be greatly appreciated.


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                      I am also very interested in your R3 engine. I think I want to create an R3 engine but would like to more about what it is like to drive a Stude with such an engine. Could you tell me what cam you have and what it is like to during normal easy driving? Also interested in any info re: the process and details of building the engine. Thanks a million . . .


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                        History worth saving.
                        History worth sharing.
                        Thank you.
                        HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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