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1957 Studebaker Transtar Deluxe

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  • 1957 Studebaker Transtar Deluxe

    289 with supercharger stock from factory
    Looking for any info that's helpful.
    I heard it was 1 of 300

    Has extra good


    If anyone has information please let me know.

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    Hood** sorry
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    While Studebaker did offer a supercharged 289 V8 in 1957, it was not listed on the options for trucks. That being said, if a customer wanted it bad enough, a dealer or individual could order all the parts needed and build their own.

    The Studebaker National Museum sells production orders for each vehicle produced going back to the late 1930s - so you could order one for the truck to find out how it left the factory. Good luck.


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      Looks like a nice solid truck. Appears to be a 3E7, which came standard with a 259 ci V8. Technically, the 289 was not available in the 1957 3E7, but Studebaker certainly would have built one for a special order. But I agree with 62champ, the chances that the factory built that or any other 1957 truck with a supercharger are vanishingly small. And there's zero chance that they built 300 of them. Many historians have been through the company's production orders and records in detail, and all of the unique and oddball vehicles have been well documented. There's no evidence that a supercharged truck was built in 1957-58 -- certainly not 300 of them.

      As 62champ said, it's somewhat more likely that a dealer installed the supercharged engine in that truck, possibly even with the tacit approval of the factory. However, such a conversion would not be evident on the factory production order. It's much more likely that the conversion was made by an owner much later in the life of the truck. A copy of the original production order would show you how the truck was equipped when it left the factory. It can be purchased from the Studebaker National Museum:

      Edit/addendum: There is a brief history of Studebaker trucks here. The 3E series is discussed in chapter 12.
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      Skip Lackie


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        If anyone can give me a ballpark price of what this truck would be worth i would appreaceate it

        This truck will be sold and has less then 1000 miles on the engine, i have a hood and a extra blower for it

        just looking for a starting price.



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          I think more info would be helpful. The market for Stude trucks is not large, and as a result, only the very, very best draw big bucks, often from non-Stude people. But they're prone to rust, and a lot of them have been modified in unknown ways over the years. Hidden or unknown problems will scare away a lot of people. Lots of pictures and detailed descriptions of engine, trans, axle, brakes, etc help. You could check ebay for completed listings and see what high/winning bids were for trucks in comparable condition (except for the supercharged engine). The engine will attract some people, but may drive others away, since the quality of the build cannot be verified.
          Skip Lackie


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            In 1963 there were two Champ trucks that were built with the R2 engine: a white one and a black one. I rode in the black one with a 4 speed here in Tucson. The production order was 4 pages long. It came from California at the Paxton facility. Last I heard it is in Idaho.

            What Skip says hold much merit. Factoring in what the cost to bring the truck up to a number 2 plus the cost of the truck will probably attract a person with deep pockets. The only real way to find out what it is worth is to place it on Bring A Trailer, Ebay, Craigslist, Hemmings, etc. Place a reserve on it that you feel you want. If it does not make reserve, that would be a figure that the market dictates.

            Who rebuilt the engine also would be information that would be helpful. If it was Jack Vines or other Studebaker/Packard people would give some confidence in the mechanics. If it was someone that is not used to rebuilding a Studebaker V8 ( not that they are exotic) may be a factor as well

            I wish you well. What you may have paid and what you may get will be probably two different amounts.

            Bob Miles
            Pacific Southwest Zone Coordinator