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My 64 Commander.

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    Thanks Flashback!

    I just got everything back together on my front end Wednesday night and the first few drives are going well now that I actually have front A-arm bushings. Could use an alignment but I'm getting there. Which brings me to my next project, the rear springs. My polyurethane shackle bushings showed up. I'll need to remove metal sleeves from stude springs to fit them, shouldnt be an issue.

    I'm getting more excited as I get more done and in my head gaining momentum.
    Looking into biggest rear tires I can fit now.


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      Wait for your alignment until you get your final tire sizes and stance.
      Gary L.
      Wappinger, NY

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        I've been following this thread since new & I really like the looks of this car, it looks like a Studebaker; fast! & also quite modern, it vould easily been built 1968-72 if you look at other cars from those years as it's so modern looking & all it took was to ad a scoop, some black paint & cruel wheels!
        At least that's what I think, looking at US mucle car ads from that period.
        (But to fit wider wheels meaning inwards I think ruins the style...)

        Champion V8
        4d sedan


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          Got into work monday thinking I need time to work on the car and got back from my first appointment to book the rest of the week off. Street legal event tomorrow evening and a car show with the local chapter Aug.18!

          Noxnabaker, my springs install on the factory perches so I'm not tubbing the car. I'm just trying to fill the stock tubs as best I can. I think if I go a bit more negative offset with the 15x9 I can do slightly wider tire and still much taller. Also thank you for the kind words.

          I started removing the old junk rear suspension Saturday night after a couple hours of ripping around with a grin on my face from front end work. So happy with how the front turned out, I'd be okay losing an inch height though. Bolts were rusted into inner bushings and the sawzall came out quickly, I was not friendly. I burnt the rubber out of the 7/8" bushings in the frame, then used a hacksaw to cut a kerf in the outer sleeve so I could hammer and chisel them out. Wow was that tedious.
          Anyways I have all my rear back together now. It feels stiff jumping on the car in garage. Way better than before. All the polyurethane installed with ease. New hardware everywhere.

          So excited for my morning coffee run. Alarm set for 6am as if going to work. My neighbors love the car so I'm not worried about the noise. I constantly get comments about how they like the car or the time they see me putting into it.

          More soon. That's only the first 12hr day.

          Fuel tank sending unit, polish/shine, find a tachometer and get reverse lights working finally making my to-do list.
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