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  • 58 & 59 Trucks

    Hauled these out of my grandfather's collection today for my uncle and cousin to start restoring. 1958 1 Ton Dually. 289/5Speed OD and a 1959 1/2 (maybe 3/4?) ton 289/3Speed+OD. Both are pretty solid, rockers/steps on the 59 are about gone but everything else is good. I can remember using the 58 bucking hay bales out of the fields when I was growing up in the early-mid 2000's. Both trucks run but need rebuilds. Will be fun to see them get some work started on these.

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    Those are both fine looking projects. My father in law had a one ton, just like the one you have.It was quite a work horse, hauling hay, cattle grain and wood.


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      I have a 59 Scotsman Delux that I just finished restoring 245 / 6 3 SPEED O/D 122 w/b you will have a lot of Good times with them BUD @ ozarkridgerunner


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        Both look like good candidates for putting back on the road. I hope it works out for everyone.
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          ooops - I thought they were for sale....