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    Originally posted by Milaca View Post
    Wow, that white Champ looks far too good to part out! What is the condition of the cab floor?
    Color in photo is a little deceiving - truck looks to be the Desert Tan they offered in '62. Have not cleaned out the floor boards yet. Last license plate on the truck is from 1973, but chances are pretty good they are toast...


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      Originally posted by 62champ View Post

      Have not cleaned out the floor boards yet, but chances are pretty good they are toast...
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        I'd go on a side trip with you....... can't say I'd act anymore adult though, lol.
        Mike and Dawn

        '61 Champ


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          So I took the morning off and decided to see what kind of parts truck I ended up with. License plate hanging on the back was from 1973, and after looking at everything, that is probably the last time it made a pass down a road.

          Nice temps and clouds made working outside pretty comfortable - first thing was to sweep all the dirt out of the bed. Front part of bed it was @ and inch thick. Some scale type rust up front but nothing is rusted out. One hole that looks like a pick-ax was driven through. There is a little "P2 box wave", but it is not bad.

          This is what brought the truck to me - factory rear bumper. The thick tow bar is not welded to the bottom of the bumper - they just put a big bolt through the bottom. Only dent is just left of center on top. Disappointed to see the brackets holding everything to the frame was home made, but new brackets should be an easy fix.

          Pretty clear that nothing was going to roll/move with the original tires being toast. Working for a trailer business has its advantages, because some use a 5X5 wheel - would never use to drive down the road - lug nuts only grab about half their threads on the lug bolts. None of the wheels were locked up and everything moved pretty effortlessly

          Opened both doors to get a cross breeze going and carefully went through the interior - always staying up-wind of any nasty dust. The rubber floor mat and floor covering broke apart like thin pieces of glass. When my dad/Uncle would drag a parts car home in the late 1960s/70s, the first thing they would do is pull out the carpets and floor mats and throw them away - wish someone would have had done that with this truck.

          Passenger side floor board

          Driver side

          Can tell that cab has settled some on the front side because of the rust. Rear cab corners have not rust through. Center tranny hump has some nice shinny Desert Tan paint on it - did not put any liquid on it - bone dry!

          Some of the artifacts found on the floor: Original ignition key that fit and turns ignition switch lying on floor, old style can pull tabs, horn button and its cracked cover, "Monkey Grip" rubber cement tube, 1972 Nickel, other keys, including the one for the locking gas cap.

          Left door bottom:

          Rear of left fender:

          Right door bottom - this one has a couple places where there is rust through - pencil eraser size. That rocker had a couple rust holes on the outside surface as well:

          Rear of right fender:

          Inner fender where the battery sits has just surface rust.

          Rear end is a 4.27 (drive train is six cylinder/3sp) and more Desert Tan under the bed.

          Something I have been keeping my eyes open for are 15" truck wheels. When the tire store got the old tires off, I had them throw them on a balancer to see if they were bent. Nothing was more than 1/8 inch out - good sign. Problem was the tires all had tubes in them. Once the air pressure goes down far enough, water gets between the tube stem and wheel, so the hole and area inside tend to be rusty. Will have each hole welded up and drill another on the opposite side...

          All and all, this truck is in decent shape. Biggest rust issues is the floor boards. Rear window has no visible rust out as well as the drip rail on the roof. Not sure anyone would go to the expense of doing a proper restoration, but would not take much to make it a decent driver. If someone had put it in a garage/barn/lean-to back in 1973 when it was no longer licensed, it would be a "survivor" for sure.
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            It amazes me that it was parked in 1973 when it was in apparently very good condition. I assume they parked it because the 170 engine had issues, but one could have retrofitted another engine in its place back in the day if a Stude engine was difficult to find.
            As for the rusty wheels, I just dealt with that today. I ground the inside surface around the hole until the rust pitting was gone, then put metal bulkhead-type valve stems through the holes and tightened the nuts for a sure seal. They cost me 3 dollars each at the service station.
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              Just checked to see where this truck fell into the 7E line up for VINs in the forum registry (7E Champ registry) and found that this truck was the 29th 7E5 built... I suspected it was early because it had some none-7E things about it. Feet for the seat were the earlier double foot - my 7E7 was 200th built and it had the "L" shaped seat foot. Other thing was the dash pad did not have the threads in the vinyl dash pad formed into the material - they are actual threads. So this truck is 29th built - the truck I am restoring is the 30th from the end of production ... nope ... not going to keep it ... it will find a new home - or at least most of it...


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                Bumper from newly acquired parts truck is set free and now ready for some working over and reconditioning to be mounted out back.

                Continue to be impressed at what kind of condition this parts truck is in. By the looks of the rear wheel well on the passenger side, it did not go down any gravel roads when it was on the road. And galvo still on the taillight housing bolts? Come one...


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                  Any idea what became of the tailgate from this white Champ? Might the previous owner still have it some where?
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                    Originally posted by Milaca View Post
                    Any idea what became of the tailgate from this white Champ? Might the previous owner still have it some where?
                    Someone in the past liberated the tailgate and brackets on the bed - they were probably in good shape as well...


                    • Got into the shop today and got the head off the current motor in the truck - sans-hood makes it so much easier...

                      Earlier in the week I was able to pull the last think off the "parts truck" that I wanted - rear tire hanger. It was all there - J-bolt a little bent, but that was it. Look at that shinny metal where the top bolt above the frame once lived...

                      Inside the valve cover did not look too bad - have heard some horror stories about what people would find when taking off a valve cover.

                      Head needed some convincing to finally come off, but off it is. Can hang a fingernail on the top ring groove, so an overbore is probably in order.

                      Not sure what type of witchcraft is going on in cylinder number five, but it looks pretty terrible.

                      Parts truck is now available to anyone who wants the WHOLE thing - in too good of shape to part out. Does not have title, last on the road in 1973 (probably will not even show up in state records unless someone goes through the 'hard copies'). Wheels will stay of it so it can be rolled onto your trailer to give it a chance at a new life - cannot find them this ready to get started anymore. PM me about it if you are serious.
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                      • The parts truck which had the factory rear bumper I wanted (along with a couple other items) found a new home yesterday. Local SDC chapter president is building an 8E Champ and needed a decent door - well, it so much easier to just take the whole truck...

                        Same trip I picked up the 1953 Landcruiser that my Uncle sold in 2000. Amazing what 20 years can do to a car - never spent more than a dozen days outside from delivery to 2000 - only spent a few outside and the rest under an awning - but it was in Houston Texas...

                        That story might have to have its own thread...
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                        • The head off the motor checked out to be just fine - no evidence of any cracks. The motor is going to need a rebuild - enough ring groove to hang a finger nail on...

                          Motor was pulled while the truck was still at the shop. Nice thing about working where I am, there are plenty of excess pallets, a strapping tool, and a forklift to move things around...

                          Truck was moved to the house I am currently residing in because it has a two car garage.

                          The space was needed at the shop because my cousin bought this and the space was needed for it (although restored, the steering box needed a rebuild and the shift column needed to be replaced as well...)

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