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    Originally posted by 62champ View Post
    The one leaf spring sits about a quarter inch higher than the other - might be the problem with the truck sitting lop-sided. If the business does not "re-arch" springs, I might have them simply break them both down and swap every other leaf to make them equal...
    According to your photo, the front leaf springs have center bolts. I had figured since I couldn't feel a hole on the underneath side of our front axle, there was not center bolt. But your axle photo shows a center bolt hole at least in the top of the axle. With my '62 frame cobbled up with the lowrider changes, I wasn't sure what was what. Thanks for documenting your restoration, helping us out alot. Much better idea how to get it back to stock.

    Mike and Dawn

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      With the temps in the low 70s and sunshine out - no excuse to not try and get something done.

      Finished up the hard-lines on the rear axle. The NiCop line is maybe too easy to bend - it looks like it was shaped by a kindergartner... but it is done.

      The truck will get turned back around and the bed put back on, so I wanted to make sure the underside had its fill of POR15.

      Lastly, this is the old grill off the blue truck that I removed 15 years ago. Rescued it last year from the family parts stash back in Texas and decided to get it looking more decent. This is half way through.

      Before the really 'cant work in the garage because it is way too cold' weather sets in, want to get the bed back on and buttoned down...


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        Nothing like a smooth concrete floor and a floor jack to do this without much back-and-forth.

        Facing the door once again.

        Now just need to figure out how to get the bed back on with just myself to do the work - might need to do some fancy saw horse tricks or pulley from the rafters or something...


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          Don't you want to finish the Primer and Topcoat on the Cab and at least the front of the Bed, before you install the Bed?
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            Originally posted by StudeRich View Post
            Don't you want to finish the Primer and Topcoat on the Cab and at least the front of the Bed, before you install the Bed?
            It isn’t going on to stay - want to pull the front sheet metal and hood off next to start on the engine and that area. The bed on gives me a good location to store things and keep them organized. With weather getting to the point where working in the garage will not be practical, those things won’t happen until the spring.


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              Nice enough day to wrestle the bed back on the truck.

              Debated about how to get the bed high enough in the air to get the truck back under it. Thought about using some rope a couple of pulleys, but then looked at the saw horses sitting around and went that direction.

              Two tallest saw horses brought it pretty close to where it needed to be.

              Once the cross boards were on the frame, just inched it forward bit by bit until it was where it needed to be.

              Used the floor jack to lift up one side, then the other, and down it came to where it was before.

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