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1960 Hawk Project end

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  • 1960 Hawk Project end

    My Hawk has finished its road trials and I am happy that it is reliable and running well.
    Now the best part of a project-----Drive it!!!!!
    The backseat driver (tuner studio) has been doing the final adjustments to the Megasquirt EFI.
    Click image for larger version

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    Allan Tyler Melbourne Australia

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    alpayed, that is a good looking car ! Is that a 5 litre FOMOCO in it ?


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      Yes. Bronco with a BTR 4 speed electronic auto. The 302 allows plenty of room for power steering. Real happy with it, really sweet little V8.
      Allan Tyler Melbourne Australia


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        Great choice ! Do you have any photos, tips, dos or don'ts to share ? The little lightweight Windsor blocks have always been a favorite of mine, and now there is so many things that can be done with them. One question of your description...what is BTR ? There are so many vehicles with these drive-trains, and we also have a big choice of "crate motors" of many cubic inch displacements, aluminum blocks, heads, etc. ...just seems like a perfect way to go if one chooses to modify/ up-date. A fellow could probably triple horsepower and torque and at the same time lose a few hundred pounds, ha ! Thanks, John


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          Hi John. This thread has a lot of info
          BTR is what was once Borg Warner. Here in Au they make transmissions for many brands including Ford.
          This rebuild was done CASO (Cash aware Studebaker owner) with the aim of building a driveable and reliable car.
          There is a complete AC/heating system behind the dash. It uses the original speaker outlet and 2 vents in the console.
          Power windows, central locking, 4 wheel disk brakes, pendulum pedal, tilt forward hood etc.
          It drives and rides completely different to my 62GT, so much so that my next project is to rebuild the front of the GT with polyurethane bushes to improve its ride.
          Allan Tyler Melbourne Australia


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            Sweet...I'm digging the colours! cheers, junior
            1954 C5 Hamilton car.


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              You won't lose that one at a car show, Nicely done. Congrats, Bob


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                Thanks for the pics! Great looking car and good choice of engines. Ford small blocks are compact, lightweight and can be made with loads of power. I salute your brilliant colors but would probably do something more boring if it were mine.
                Diesel loving, autocrossing, Coupe express loving, Grandpa Architect.


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                  Thanks for the comments "Grandpa Architect" The car is a real magnet, so nice to drive.
                  Allan (Grandpa CAD monkey)
                  Allan Tyler Melbourne Australia


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                    alpayed, I just now seen your answer for my question....sorry I took so long to wander back in here. Love your car, enjoy it and again, thanks !