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  • IDYSD 2016 North Alabama Chapter

    The North Alabama Chapter of the SDC participated in IDYSD 2016 by driving their Studebakers to the Huntsville Madison County Veterans Memorial located in downtown Huntsville, AL. There are eight black granite markers listing the names of Madison County servicemen who made the supreme sacrifice for their country. In addition to the granite markers there are monuments for each war and flags for each branch of service as well as a POW-MIA flag and the United States flag.
    After a photo op at the Memorial, the group continued on their way to Huntsville Health and Rehab where they displayed their Studebakers for the residents of the Assisted Living facility. None of the residents could remember having owned a Studebaker but they enjoyed seeing the antique cars and trucks.
    Then it was off to a local restaurant for lunch giving others another chance to see the antique vehicles. There were many thumbs up and lots of photos taken.
    North Alabama chapter members and guests who took part were David Bowser (1927 Commander), Ned Stephenson (1951 2R5 Truck), Dale Williams (1952 Commander), Randy and Nell Owen (1955 President), Warren Sadler (1963 Avanti), Jamie Starkey and Warren Rutledge (1958 Truck), and George Cagle and his daughter Crystal (1959 Triumph). Dale William’s son Stephen and grandson Darrin provided a sweep vehicle for any trouble along the way.
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    \'55 Commander
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    Hello there AL friends ! Great photos !