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IDYSD Frankenmuth, Mi. Auto-Fest

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  • IDYSD Frankenmuth, Mi. Auto-Fest

    It just happened that the annual Frankenmuth, Mi. Auto-Fest fell on 11th-12th & 13th this year, so I got to do both, go to the festival, and drive the 52 Champion. After registering (being # 1967) I was getting ready to leave the registration area when I heard someone say, "Hey, What kind of car is that"? I looked over to see a 1950 two door Champion. I ask him if he knew what today was. He said he didn`t know. I told him today is IDYSD. He said he knew there was a day but he did know what day it was. So on the additional information area of my windshield display card, I added that today is IDYSD.