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    Our 15 year old son, Braden, and I got out our 1959 Lark VIII 2DHTP and cruised around town, running errands. We got lots of thumbs ups, and a few "Hey! Nice car!" comments, and even an offer to buy our car from a little old lady (mid-seventies) in a Walmart parking lot who rushed her 91 year old mother to get off the phone so she could wave us down and stop to offer to buy our car or trade for her early 90's Corsica. Unfortunately for her, we declined both offers.

    But our best story comes from Sunday, 9/13/15 at 10:00 PM at a local QT (QuikTrip).

    We stopped at QT to get some tea and donuts for the next morning. While we are choosing donuts, a middle-aged guy that looks like a baseball coach, comes in from the parking lot and almost yells into the lobby: "Are you guys the ones with the Studebaker?!?!?!" We gave him the thumbs up and said, "Yeah, That's us!"

    He lit into a stream of expletives about Oh WOW! That is @#$% GREAT! Oh my @#@&*# God That is @#@@&&* awesome!, Then, stifling himself, thinking THAT word was too harsh, substituted a different expletive (almost as bad) #$%% That's Great! Don't go anywhere yet, I want to look at it before you leave!

    We said "OK!" Look all you want!" He went out , put his stuff in his car, then came over and was leaning in the window, smelling deeply, waving his arms about how great it was, and how this was from "His Era" and he grew up with these things, they were #$(@*$& GREAT! He never owned one, but his first car was a 1965 Pontiac Grand Prix that was "18 !@#(@*#& feet long!"

    After more waving of arms, lots more excited expletives, and how that is just great, go enjoy your car! You don't see many of those any more at all!, we got into our car, started it and drove out of the parking lot, laughing and bewildered about how this guy was SSSSOOOOOOO excited about seeing our car.

    I've gotta say, in the 36 years of owning and driving Studebakers, I have NEVER encountered ANYONE more excited than this guy to have seen our car and enjoyed the few moments he got to see it. It was uplifting, yet kinda creepy to see someone that over-the-top about our Marque. Either way, he blessed us with a story and a memory that will last us a lifetime!

    We try to make every day DYSD (except in winter), as we have to schedule who gets to drive the Stude on which day(s) that week. Braden drives it to school to share his Studebaker knowledge with all the other youth of the new generation. I am teaching him the fine art of automotive repair as we do the brakes, rear axle, and eventually the engine, carburetor and front suspension, so he can carry on the legacy that is....Studebaker.
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    Dis-Use on a Car is Worse Than Mis-Use...
    1959 Studebaker Lark VIII 2DHTP

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    Josh, (15 year old G-Son) and I had planned to go to the shop and work on my Convertible for awhile,then come home and help my Daughter on her old house project that afternoon. BUT, When I went out to feed the horse just before sun up, I noticed it was raining!
    I had to meet a man at the shop on another matter so we rode to town anyway.after taking care of some business,we cranked up the Silverhawk and went to Hardee's for breakfast. When leaving,I tossed the keys to Josh.
    Josh has his learner's permit and has been driveing since he was 7. He looked kinda sheepish and handed the keys back and said "I don't want to drive in the rain."

    I drove back to the shop but didn't park in the regular spot. I needed to move some stuff around before I put the car away.
    Josh helped me with my little tasks but as I was finishing up, I noticed Josh lingering by the car.
    As I finished my last little chore,I heard the Hawk Start up.
    I watched from afar as he revved the engine a little,then the car moved backward a bit and stopped.
    The old black car then moved forward and Josh parked in it's place perfectly.

    He got out grinning and said "I wasn't sure about the column shift, but I'v Got t now!"

    I have had Josh driving my 4 spd 58 Studebaker Truck, my 5spd Dodge 1500, the 3500 diesel dually 5pd, even my 2 ton GMC.but didn't realize I had never taught him the 3 on the tree.
    Neil Thornton


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      That's GREAT rockinhawk!

      He had to build his confidence and he knew that you'd trust him to get in it and drive! I've had folks tell me that I was "REALLY trusting" when my son got behind the wheel and I climbed into the passenger side. I replied; "He's a great driver and it will be his someday anyway!"

      He referred to it last night as a "Babe Magnet"!!!!!
      Dis-Use on a Car is Worse Than Mis-Use...
      1959 Studebaker Lark VIII 2DHTP


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        IDYSD 2015 "up-north"

        On saturday 12.9.2015 we have absolutely gorgeous weather here in Oulu, Northern Finland. I think it,s time to take The President out and make a trip to the City of Oulu and possibly have some coffee with ice-cream on the beach.

        I asked my friend, who lives next to my house, if he wanted to join the trip. Of course he wants (he has a '55 Cadillac in his carage, but it takes a year or two before it is ready to hit the road again...)! As a matter of fact he jumped in the car WITH his wife and their younger dauhter, and of course my wife was with us, too. Well, my President is a very spacious car.

        The car works perfectly, when we cruised slowly. People next to the street smiles and waves their hands and ice-cream was delicious. The IDYSD 2015 was a complete success for us all and, of course, my President Classic 1957 too

        Greetings, Jukka S.
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          IDYS at Jalopyfest 2015

          Zach - 17 yo senior, Evan - 15 yo sophomore (aka Mr. Learner's Permit) and I took the 62 Hawk to Jalopyfest 2015 at the Grundy County Fairgrounds in the Illinois River town of Morris, Illinois - approximately 60 miles southwest of downtown Chicago. We arrived after a long drive in the right lane on the Interstate.
          It was a great show full of pre-1965 cars and trucks - with a lot of survivor hotrods and some beautiful Kustoms. There were a couple Studebaker pickups, but only one Stude car - our Survivor Hawk.

          Eschewing a return on the Interstate, Mr. Learner's Permit drove 60 miles on country two lanes and another 40 through an Interstate construction zone.

          Needless to say, he was a very happy guy.
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          sigpic 62 Hawk - Wisconsin barn find


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            It gives new meaning to the phrase "Ten and Two!" (Since they are not really taught to do that anymore....)

            Great to get our new generation out and playing with the history! I recently had a guy ask me if my kids appreciated riding around in our rolling museum! I replied "I think so!" For those kids that actually help wrench on the cars, it is an entirely new appreciation for the cool old stuff!
            Dis-Use on a Car is Worse Than Mis-Use...
            1959 Studebaker Lark VIII 2DHTP


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              This video link was posted in another thread, but it is appropriate here...complete with police escort...what those at the Tri-State meet in Maggie Valley, N.C. did.


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              John Clary
              Greer, SC

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                Sorry for the duplication-I know I posted somewhere else-just can't find it(old age thing). Enclosed are our pics for our wedding anniversary on Saturday, Sept 12th. The Quilchina Inn is a great historic hotel (107 years old) in British Columbia's interior. It was a great experience and will probably be on our annual bucket list. Terrific weather, great car, fantastic destination location with huge history, great food and even better drinks in a saloon with bullet holes in the bar.

                Cheers, Bill & Sonja

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                  We filled up an overflowing parking lot at a museum in Coralville, Iowa. The Big 6 River Bend & Iowa Hawkeye Chapters met there.
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                    My memory of that day? On the way to our Northwest Chapter tour, I stopped at the local coffee shop to fortify myself. I was driving my beloved '61 Lark hardtop. There was a parking space right in front of the shop. A lady came out, camera in hand, and asked "Can I take a picture of your Valiant?"


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                      Originally posted by Studebakercenteroforegon View Post
                      My memory of that day? On the way to our Northwest Chapter tour, I stopped at the local coffee shop to fortify myself. I was driving my beloved '61 Lark hardtop. There was a parking space right in front of the shop. A lady came out, camera in hand, and asked "Can I take a picture of your Valiant?"
                      And you replied. . . ?
                      Ed Sallia
                      Dundee, OR

                      Sol Lucet Omnibus


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                        Originally posted by Commander Eddie View Post
                        And you replied. . . ?
                        I was polite, of course. Informed her it was a Studebaker Lark - I don't think she cared if it was a Valiant or a Lark - she just wanted a picture of it.


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                          We need to change the date on the heading to this years IDYSD.
                          59 Lark wagon, now V-8, H.D. auto!
                          60 Lark convertible V-8 auto
                          61 Champ 1/2 ton 4 speed
                          62 Champ 3/4 ton 5 speed o/drive
                          62 Champ 3/4 ton auto
                          62 Daytona convertible V-8 4 speed & 62 Cruiser, auto.
                          63 G.T. Hawk R-2,4 speed
                          63 Avanti (2) R-1 auto
                          64 Zip Van
                          66 Daytona Sport Sedan(327)V-8 4 speed
                          66 Cruiser V-8 auto


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                            Originally posted by Warren Webb View Post
                            We need to change the date on the heading to this years IDYSD.
                            Warren, allow me to a friendly way, of course. I believe, since this is a forum "Sub-Category," instead of changing the date, the title of this particular thread should be edited to "add the date" of the 2015 IDYSD for this thread.

                            For this present year, why don't you start a new thread within this forum sub-category? Then, for editing, I believe you can edit it as needed, or at least, request the moderator to assist.

                            By the way, what is the date for the event this year?
                            John Clary
                            Greer, SC

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                              The Champ is parked in the western lot of the Omaha USPS P&DC at 13th and Pacific. The tailgate is pointed to 13th Street so you can tell which one it is. I got stuck with four hours of overtime tonight, so it's going be there a while.
                              1963 Champ "Stu Bludebaker"- sometimes driver
                              1957 Silver Hawk "Josie"- picking up the pieces after an unreliable body man let it rot for 11 years from an almost driver to a basket case
                              1951 Land Cruiser "Bunnie Ketcher" only 47M miles!
                              1951 Commander Starlight "Dale"- basket case
                              1947 Champion "Sally"- basket case
                              1941 Commander Land Cruiser "Ursula"- basket case