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My car got hit on IDYSD! :(

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  • My car got hit on IDYSD! :(

    My '52 Studebaker just got run into at a car show.
    I'm looking for the "upper grille bar". This piece is Studebaker part #296221W and goes from directly underneath one headlight to the other dipping down into a horizontally fluted "V" shape in the middle. Strangely, it is not listed in the Body Parts catalog but in the Cassis Parts catalog under "cooling" as "BAR, UPPER, RADIATOR GRILLE". Kind of a throwback to the 1930s when a radiator grille really was a part of your cooling system...
    Do you have one that's straight, intact and re-chrome-able (light pits okay)?? I'll pay a VERY fair price + shipping & handling. You can telephone me at (707) 987-0254 Extension 22.
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    That is the hardest part to find!.


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      OH NO!!!!!


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        Oh no is right. Good ones are hard to come by.
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          Hopefully the culprit gave you his insurance info. or at least left a note.
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            Originally posted by Andy R. View Post
            Hopefully the culprit gave you his insurance info. or at least left a note.
            Indeed !
            Assuming you are appropriately insured, the culprits insurance should cover whatever the cost of locating, chromeing and installing.
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              Well...If I had one to offer, I'd be sure to let you know. I hate you had this happen. Exactly the kind of incident we all dread. However, we keep driving 'em and plugging away. Otherwise, we could just let them sit and waste away out of sight.

              Hope you get yours fixed, better than before, and this will just be another story to add to the legacy.
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