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  • Some time to plan

    This started as a test to see if a thread could be deleted.
    They can't so I've changed the subject. While we're on the subject, we have just over four months to make our plans for IDYSD.
    Some chapters will organize a group activity for the day. Many individual members will be too far away, or have pressing schedules that preclude their participation.
    If that's the case, a jaunt to the grocery or hardware store will suffice. Drop a letter at the post office; better yet, mail an order to Studebaker International or make it an opportunity to mail out your chapter dues. We have no house delivery where I live so, I'm accustomed to visiting the post office. A few of you may have forgotten that experience.
    If mom or dad are in senior care, make it an opportunity to transport them to their youthful haunts.
    Be creative.
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    This will be my first year that I will be driving a Studebaker on IDYSD, And I cant wait!! I have always promoted Studebaker in some way, wearing a shirt or pushing the truck to the end of the driveway (without a for sale sign of course)

    What is the date this year? Has that been decided?


    1961 Lark Regal VIII 259/auto -- Lucy


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      IDYSD is the second Saturday in September

      Originally posted by what huh View Post
      This will be my first year that I will be driving a Studebaker on IDYSD, And I cant wait!! I have always promoted Studebaker in some way, wearing a shirt or pushing the truck to the end of the driveway (without a for sale sign of course)

      What is the date this year? Has that been decided?

      This year it is September 13.

      BTW, in just a few hours, SDC president Thomason will be discussing IDYSD at the scheduled meeting with chapter presidents, zone coordinators and regional managers who are at the DOVER IM. Attendees will be given a prepared IDYSD Chapter Participation Packet filled with ideas and resources for having a successful event.

      Shortly after the Presidents' meeting today the IDYSD Participation Packet will be sent electronically to all SDC chapters. Our goal is to have every SDC chapter hold an IDYSD activity.

      As has been pointed out, for those who are not a chapter member and/or are simply too far away to participate in an organized IDYSD activity, proudly make your own statement by going to the post office, local drive in, drive around the town square, or wherever. Even if you may be the only one in your town, know that you will not be alone. You will be joined by thousands of others around the world who are doing the same thing at the same time (adjusted for the International Date Line, of course)...spreading the gospel...Studebakers are great and Studebaker people are the greatest!

      Oh, and regardless of whether you are with a chapter, a couple of friends or by yourself...TAKE PICTURES...and post them to this forum and send to the Turning Wheels Editor with your IDYSD story!
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        The Big 6 River Bend Chapter (Iowa and Illinois Quad City area) has tentative plans to invade LeClaire, Iowa. (Home of the "American Pickers") Details not finalized yet. When they are they will be posted on our Facebook Page (Big6riverrbend Studebaker) and on our website


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          HERE IS THE PLAN!
          At 11AM on Saturday, September 13, the Big 6 River Bend Chapter (and any folks with a Studebaker that care to join us)home of The American Pickers of TV fame) for a photo and we can do a little shopping. We will then move our cars out of their parking lot and park in a lot along Cody Road where visitors to LeClaire can check out our cars. We can either stay with the cars or go roaming or shopping on our own around town the rest of the afternoon.


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            If I drive mine, it'll be while being pulled by my Chevy truck...


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              I spent 9 months back in Millington back in 1964 & 65; Uncle Sam was keeping me busy learning electronics.
              I owned my Stude back then, but had a 1954 Triumph Cub motorcycle for transportation down there.


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                Cool idea!! Could be a 'test run' for the Menomonie zone meet for the folks from the "lower" Midwest. If you can make It to can make it to Menomonie!


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                  A few guys from our chapter get together the 2nd & 4th Saturdays of every month for a Studebaker breakfast. As IDYSD falls on our first get-together of the month, you can be sure a handful from eastern Nebraska & Western Iowa will be in their cars!

                  (For me, every day is IDYSD, but I might kick it up this year by getting a T-shirt or something )
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                    Yes, you can't 'kill' a thread (without webmaster help).
                    You can change the header (subject)...
                    Go to 'edit' and select 'advanced' and then change the 'header' to whatever you want.
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                      rknight89, Hey, you are welcome to join us. Check out our website at & get in touch with our President & tell her you want to join us on IDYSD.


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                        North Al. Chapter to visit historic Harrison hardware store down town, photo opp. in front of Erskine home with a short drive through ante bellum homes in Huntsville and on to Maple Hill Cemetery in front of Erskine mausoleum for another photo opp. Then on to lunch . Really a beautiful area to enjoy in our Studebakers. You don't have to be a member to join us. For info call 256 426 2261 or 256 746 7411.