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We Drove Our Studebaker Today

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  • We Drove Our Studebaker Today

    We took our Stude out today. The first picture is in front of an old Studebaker Dealership in Springfield, MO. It belonged to Austin Grisham. He was in business from 1956-66.
    The next pic is another building that used to be a storage company.
    The last picture is a building that used to house Studebaker Wagons, in the late 1800's or early 1900's. The building has been remodeled and now used for lofts. Due to the sunshine today, at the top of the building you can still see part of the Studebaker (baker) sign painted many years ago.
    Another picture is taken behind where Springfield Wagon was, of old railroad tracks, and an old building.
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    Dusty Taylor

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    Its very cold here today. Might drive my 39 today afyer I polish it. So far no rain here today. I need to fix the wipers. That all left to do. Nice pictures


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      Looking good.