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Oklahoma "Meet in the Middle" Event on IDYSD

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  • Oklahoma "Meet in the Middle" Event on IDYSD

    I have been in contact with representatives of the Central and North East Oklahoma chapters of SDC. Most of the members live in and around Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Perkins is about an hour away from either club.

    A few years back we held a very successful "Meet in the Middle" event, where both chapters met in Perkins, enjoyed breakfast, and toured a special machine shop. 20+ Studebakers + occupants attended the event.

    Members of both chapters expressed interest in meeting in the middle on IDYSD this year.

    SO... I am in the process of putting together a plan for this. I hope to arrange a tour of a restoration shop close to here that rebuilds body parts from flat sheet metal with an English Wheel. If that can't be arranged, I will have some interesting place to tour. We will meet, eat, tour, and have photo ops at our restored old DX station.

    Of course, ANY SDC member or club is invited to join us!! If you are within driving range of north central Oklahoma, and want to get your Stude out for the day, and don't have anywhere to go, come to Perkins, OK, and join us!! PLEASE HELP PASS THE WORD!!

    AND... while here, we will discuss the upcoming annual Perkins, OK car show, to be held on Sept. 28th. We usually have a good turn out of Studebakers, but I would like to see us really put out an effort this year. I believe if we can get 22 or so Studes to the show, we can win the club trophy, $100.00 cash, and a prime spot to display or Studes at next years show. Imagine... more Studes than Mustangs and the likes at an open car show. WE CAN DO THIS!!

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    Dave Lester

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    Cool, Dave, I hope your plan(s) come together. BP
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      Thanks, Bob... it's starting to come together:

      FOLLOW UP:

      Saturday, September 14, 2013 is International Drive Your Studebaker Day!

      The NE Oklahoma and Central Oklahoma chapters of SDC are planning to "Meet in the Middle" in Perkins, OK on this date, as guests of The Perkins, OK Cimarron Starlite Cruisers car club.


      We can meet at our "clubhouse," an old restored DX service station:

      More information here:

      I have made arrangements for us to tour the Wheels of Past restoration shop, which is located just east of Perkins. This shop restores old classic cars, and uses a English wheel to remake metal panels/fenders for the cars. Dennis is looking forward to giving us a tour of his shop.

      NOW, leaders of the Tulsa and OKC clubs... I NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE!

      We have a few options, and things to consider:

      1) What time do we want to gather at the station?

      2) Do we want to have coffee and doughnuts there, go on the shop tour, and return to the station for picture opportunities?

      3) There is a nice covered pavilion adjacent to the station where we can enjoy lunch. There is a McDonald's and Sonic 3 blocks away. Jalopy's, DeMario's Pizza, The Pizza Factory, and Subway Sandwich restaurants are all just minutes away. I'm thinking folks could go to the food vendor of their choice, pick up a meal, and gather back at the pavilion/station to enjoy lunch and visitation.

      4) A combination, or variation of 2&3?

      I know that some folks are planning to attend our Perkins car show on Sept. 28th, and might wonder why they would want to attend the event on Sept. 14. How 'bout 'cause we are a DRIVERS CLUB, AND IT'S FUN!


      If a member from each club would like to come to Perkins to look over the venue and options, I'm open to that!

      Dave Lester
      Dave Lester


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        I look forward to seeing you, Carl & Betty and others in the morning!!

        Charlie D.