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IDYSD Challenge: Make It Up "Weasel Hill"

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  • IDYSD Challenge: Make It Up "Weasel Hill"

    OK, Stude freaks......
    (It is a real place, and named after the Studebaker M29 Weasel)

    "Weasel Hill"

    First one to drive their Studebaker the top of "Weasel Hill" wins the utmost respect and admiration of ALL Studebaker people everywhere!

    No time frame..... Just an out and out Studebaker challenge!
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    Well, I thought about it, until I looked up where it's located!!

    It really would take a Weasel to survive that trek - and a lot of heat and warm blankets. The average high in the closest place nearby that keeps records of such things is only above freezing about 4 months of the year. Yow!

    Still, if one had a weasel, it would make quite the epic journey.
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