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    We didn't plan anything for the day as a chapter activity. I know, I know we should be ashamed of our selves but maybe we'll do better next year.

    On a personal note, I heard glass packs rumbleing into my yard this morning before I even got my jeans on.
    I was enjoying my 2nd cup of coffee and looking the forum over when Josh rushed in and said "C'mon Papa! it's drive your Studebaker day. We gotta go!"

    His Grandma said the fuel pump was out on her car so he would either have to fix it for her or let her drive his. Josh says "OK, hop in." Next I hear his lark start up and go idleing out into the road...Then G-Ma FLOORED it!
    When they returned I had gotten out and done my morning chores. So Josh and I took my Lark for a spin down the road and back.

    Now we were ready to go to town. We drove Josh's car to his aunt Rebekah's house.She had said she wanted a ride in his car on this day. She also wanted him to change the oil in her car. Rebekah drove the Lark to the shop while I followed in her little Ford.

    After we serviced her car,she took Josh home as he had a Church activity this afternoon. I stayed and worked around the shop the rest of the day,then got in my Silver Hawk and came home.

    this day I drove 3 Studebakers,and Josh's 60 Lark was driven by 4 different people.

    I talked to my son who said he was taking his wife to lunch in his 51 Starlight.

    So I guess the Thornton Clan had a pretty good IDYSD!!
    Neil Thornton

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    Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1957 Studebaker Champion 2 door. Staten Island, New York.

    "Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think." -Albert Einstein


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      Yet another example of our need for a "Thumbs Up" button!
      Pat Dilling
      Olivehurst, CA
      Custom '53 Starlight aka STU COOL

      LS1 Engine Swap Journal:


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        Thats what its all about!


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          Nice day of driving.


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            My Chevy and Honda don't talk to me nomore.. I want another Stude..