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IDYSD on the road to South Bend.

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  • IDYSD on the road to South Bend.

    Lark VIII girl chose a road trip to South Bend, In., for her IDSYD trip.
    In Bremen, IN., we saw a Wagonaire in a driveway. At a stop at a shopping center, in South Bend a woman came up to complement the convertible and told us
    her father worked at Studebaker along with her aunts and uncles. At the Studebaker Musuem we saw a yellow Commander two door parked outside.
    The museum had half off admission for Studebaker drivers today. Lark VIII girl stocked up on new T shirts from the gift shop. We really enjoyed the exhibits and Lark VIII girl really liked the newly restored Studebaker wagon. We drove by the Studebaker plant and administration building.
    On the way home at Lapaz, In., there was a Avanti parked along the road just sitting there looking for Studebakers to drive by. In Warsaw at the gas station a former Studebaker owner told us all about his long ago, 63 Studbaker that was a former police car. All day long lots of lots of people waved, or asked what year the car was.
    IDYSD was a fun Studebaker day.

    Husband of Lark VIII girl
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    IDYSD at the Studebaker Admin. Building.
    Not much happening at the building, still vacant.
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      IDYSD at the Studebaker Museum

      husband of Lark VIII girl
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