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  • IDYSD Fail!

    So I threw the kids and the dog into the Champion and headed off to run some errands and score some ice cream. On the way to the first stop I smelled hot coolant but I had just added some and I assumed I had overfilled it. Then when I stopped the car and a cloud of steam billowed out. The freeze plug on the back of the block was leaking. I had a jug of water in the car (not my first rodeo!) so I poured that in and headed home. 2 miles from home the plug popped out entirely. I tried pouring more water in but it was coming out as fast as I could pour. The good news is that the insurance paid the tow and my kids and dog got a ride home. The bad news is this is my fault, I just "fixed" that plug earlier this year. Oh well. I did drive the car, no permanent damage, and it was nice out. Hope everyone else has a better IDYSD!


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    Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Better luck next year!
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      So, no ice cream? Glad you weren't far from home.


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        Got rained on pretty good today so...plan on twice as many exposures tomorrow.
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          No ice cream. Got the new plug yesterday so this weekend I miss another car show to get this thing back in shape.