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Official IDYSD Date Has Been Set

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    Thank you for the information, Jane!


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      Originally posted by Jane Stinson View Post

      As far as our insurance is concerned, Drive Your Studebaker Day is an SDC sponsored event and qualifies for our liability coverage. SDC events can be anything from a chapter meeting or parking lot gathering sponsored by an SDC chapter to Zone and IM meets. A certificate is not needed to establish coverage. The coverage already exists. The certificates are only needed to prove to the owner or landlord of a venue that there is coverage and in what amounts.

      Keep in mind, however, that what we have is liability coverage. It is actually triggered by a claim of loss due to negligence on the part of one of our members. This is important because the coverage includes a legal defense. The primary purpose of the coverage is to protect all of our chapters in case of a law suit that claims negligence on our part. There is no collision coverage. That would be handled by your vehicle insurance policy.

      I hope this clears things up a little. Insurance questions can be routed to me directly by emailing

      Jane Stinson
      Club Treasurer
      Jane, thank you so much for taking the time to provide us all with those details. Sorry I did not get a chance to speak with you in Springfield at the SDC Board of Directors Meeting, but it looked like you were being "kept busy," to say the least!

      You mentioned "Drive Your Studebaker Day" as being a SDC event BUTINTERNATIONAL Drive Your Studebaker Day" (IDYSD) event. With SDC Members now in 30+ countries around the globe and all being encouraged to get out on the road and drive their Studebakers for the one day "Official SDC Event," do YOUIS the real concern!!!

      Looking at the 2011 Official IDYSD T-Shirt (see link below) would imply it is an "Official SDC Event," certainly at the very least imply the SDC is one of the event sponsors.

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        For the latest updates in print on International Drive Your Studebaker Day (IDYSD) read our Captain's Message on page 4 and the plans from our new (IDYSD) Chairperson on page 6 of the December isssue of our Club's fine magazine, TURNING WHEELS!!!
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