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    Miss Edie and I got up this morning, warmed up the old GT hawk, and headed north. There was a benefit car show going on about 100 miles away in Byron Ga. We knew some of our fellow So.Ga. members were planning on being there. The first thing we recognized when we pulled into the Mall parking lot where the show was held was Wayne and Ann Lee's Truck and trailor. Then we spotted Loren And Betty Hendly's Red GT Hawk and parked our white one next to it. After visiting with the folks under the tent behind the red hawk, I began to wander around and admire all the nice cars when I came upon Ed Cighan and his son Keith with Ed's white 64 Cruiser parked next to Wayne and Ann's Blue 53 Champion.
    I didn't get an exact count but I would venture to say there were more than 100 cars on display. Everything from Model A Fords (4) to brand new Chevys form the local dealer.

    Mitchell and Cilicia Pair with Josh and Haleigh attended but didn't bring a Studebaker. Josh wanted to hurry home so he could drive his Lark around the farm before dark.
    Daughter-in-law Valaree had been in the hosp. for some tests, and was being released this afternoon. James hoped to get her home and settled in time to at least back his 51 out and pull it back in so he could say he participated.
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    Neil Thornton