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    Reading the December TW's article about IDYSD 2010, got me to thinking about what the Allegheny Region Chapter could plan for 2011 that would involve driving our Studebakers as a group (my favorite way to enjoy "Studerbakering".) Here's what I'm going to pitch to the members at our Christmas party since we've already had our planning meeting.

    The Greater Pittsburgh (PA) area had many Studebaker dealerships including one owned by the father of one
    of our members. Many of these buildings are still standing. A driving tour and photo op at some of these seems to me to fit in perfectly with IDYSD. If we put our heads together and figure out where they are located, we should be able to plan a driving tour. I know where about a half dozen are located myself, so this shouldn't be too difficult. The last time I looked the "Studebaker dealers" thread had 19 pages. Lots of information is there for anyone wishing to try this.

    I'm also going to post this on the General Studebaker Discussion Forum to give it maximum exposure, so that more might read it and could begin to see if it would work for them. I realize that in metropolitan areas more dealerships existed than in rural areas, but even many small towns seemed to have had a dealer. Good luck in whatever you plan for 9-10-11.


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      Hopefully I can participate this year! Last year my radiator was blown and couldn't get my Lark on the road. I also just realized that this date is me and my wifes 6th anniversary. I can't think of a better car to go out to a romantic evening with! Looking forward to it!