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  • Just made it!

    We had out of town plans on Saturday so I got an early start working on the Daytona. The car has been off the road for the last month to fix a bad a-arm and to upgrade the brakes with a Turner conversion. One hour turned into 5 pretty quick but I was still able to get the car going before 2 o'clock. I went for a short spin around the local park to test the brakes and then took it out on the highway. Going down the road at 65 mph I noticed how much smoother it seemed to feel. I figured it was the new rotors, but also remembered the new a-arm. Then I remembered that you're supposed to torque the inner bushing bolts down after the car is back on the ground, which I FORGOT TO DO. So a quick pit stop to torque everything and the car was back on the road. I still need to bleed the brakes again but the car should be good for the rest of the season.