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  • Our IDYSD together

    Lark VIII girl and I headed out to a car show in Marion , In. At a McDonlds a lady said " My dad always drove Studebakers" He bought them to help Indiana." At the Cruise In-Fly In we saw three Studebakers.
    As we drove back home we looked for Studebakers and looked again. Nearly home we stopped to look at a old cemetary and we were "found" by local Studebaker Avanti drivers , Mr & Mrs Andy Weir.
    At lunch we had a nice comment on the car, and in the ride to dinner we got a "thumbs up" from
    a man on a porch and several people waved from their cars. We felt like we spread some "Studehappiness."

    Lark VIII girl and husband of Lark VIII girl

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    On the day after IDYSD , Lark VIII girl drove to a local show for the benefit of MDA and was chosen for a "Top Fifty" award! She recieved many compliments and straighten out someone who thought the convertible on the local used car lot was a Studebaker, she let him know it was a Rambler. She fended off the "Did you buy it New" question with grace and dignity. (not yet born when 1960 Lark was made)

    Husband of Lark VIII girl