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First cruise - on IDYSD

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  • First cruise - on IDYSD

    Got this 62 Hawk barn find in the spring.
    Has not been licensed since the 80s.
    Brake conversion, exhaust system, mags, tires and seat belts.
    Got it back from the mechanic tweaking the Turner brake install on Friday (stops great) , installed the last seat belt, put the kids in it and drove to a local car show.

    Got on it a bit on the way there - and it died. No amount of clutch popping woud get it to refire. Pulled over to find a big chunk of fiberglass insulation sticking out of the carb. Pulled it out, fired it up, and it ran great.
    Put air cleaner back on. . .

    It was a hit amongst the Mustangs and Camaros.
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    sigpic 62 Hawk - Wisconsin barn find

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    Nice ! . . . .


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      That is one sharp GT! Congrats on getting her back on the road!
      ~Matt Connor
      '59 Lark 2-door


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        Forgot to mention - Drove the kids to the first day of school two weeks ago here in northwest suburban Chicago. They are ten and twelve, so a hot rod dropping them off was a huge deal. "Pull up in front dad, and drive slowly please. . . "

        They were thrilled and Studezilla was a hit. A big, loud, leaky, smelly hit.
        sigpic 62 Hawk - Wisconsin barn find


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          You don't suppose that f/g insulation was in there to prevent vapor lock, do you????

          JUST KIDDING, IT'S A JOKE. Don't anyone say anything nasty about me. (except Dave).


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            Perhaps. Although I think that the insulation was there to remind me that i am subservient to Studezilla and her fickle needs and desires. . .

            Or, maybe just to reinforce that i am a dork who shudda payed better attention. Regardless, it was a pretty amusing image when I popped the hood.

            (My kids think it was the gremlin that resides in the car.)
            sigpic 62 Hawk - Wisconsin barn find