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Mr.Biggs does IDYSD 2010

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  • Mr.Biggs does IDYSD 2010

    Filmed with my trusty ol' Canon A720 IS - taped to the dash.
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    No deceptive flags to prove I'm patriotic - no biblical BS to impress - just ME and Studebakers - as it should be.

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    Well done Bob, I took Studebelle for a drive today, just a great feeling being behind the wheel, cruising down the road. I'm sure she enjoys the weekly trips to the shops.
    John Clements
    Christchurch, New Zealand


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      What camera (and camera mount) do you use?
      Like the smoothness of the video.
      That, and the audio was decent (wind noise wasn't too bad).
      HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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        That was nice Bob. It was good to hear from you.
        Jerry Forrester
        Forrester's Chrome
        Douglasville, Georgia

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          Thanks for sharing that buddy! Keep up the good work!
          Proud NON-CASO

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            I felt I was right there. Just perfect for IDYSD! And I could tell it was somewhere near orchards and palm trees so thought of the CA Valley. Reminded me of the days growing up. Thanks for a great video!



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              LOVED it, Bob. Sure put a big grin on my face, and makes me want to go to work on my '59 pickup. Now that the weather is cooling off, that's likely going to happen.

              Thanks for burnin' the rubber in my honor. Luckily I was able to fire up the Commander for a few minutes and drive it around the yard a bit yesterday evening.


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                Thanks Bob! Boy I can't wait to meet you! I drove my Studebaker truck yesterday too. But, Like you I drive mine everyday too. (May to November)
                Good Roads
                Brian Woods
                1946 M Series (Shop Truck)


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                  Bob - you and Pete are looking good. Thanks for the ride, I could almost feel the breeze.


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                    That's Great StudeBob!

                    Now that's getting into the spirt of things!
                    Mark Hayden
                    '66 Commander
                    Zone Coordinator
                    Pacific Can-Am Zone


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                      Nice vid, Bob! Good to see you here.

                      Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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                        Good video...nice shirt...great attitude!
                        John Clary
                        Greer, SC

                        SDC member since 1975


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                          Great video Bob. Now that's the way you are supposed to use an overdrive transmission. Always good to hear from you.



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                            Great, I do believe you have six gears, not just five. Iffin you get the first gear speed high enough there is a 'first over' also. I have a Kaiser friend who put his Kaiser into 'first over'. I think the overdrives are all Borg Warner units.


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                              Cool video Bob. However, you'll never be able to top your masterpiece: