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How 'bout a non-holiday weekend next time?

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  • How 'bout a non-holiday weekend next time?

    Last year the 4th of July IDYSD worked pretty well for us, but the Labor Day weekend isn't selling very well. How about considering a non-holiday date for 2012? Labor Day seems to be a more popular family holiday- last gasp of summer sort of thing.
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    I tend to agree. I'm not organizing our IDYSD, but at a chapter board meeting today the person who is has heard very little response to this year's event.
    we're planning on driving together to lunch then on to a tour of a local winery. Should be fun.
    Joe Roberts
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      I vote for July 22nd. It's a Friday next year - and then we'll have the rest of the weekend to do everything our girlfriends/wives/family/bosses want us to do.

      July 22nd 1904 was the date Studebaker sold it's first gasoline-powered car (to J.M.'s son-in-law who "just happened" to be in the admiring throng of on-lookers at the announcement of the car, and who "just happened" to have the exact amount of cash on his person to be able to purchase it).

      July 22nd 1965 was the date that the first Avanti II came off of Nate Altman's and Leo Newman's "assembly line".

      July 22nd is my birthday. According to "Studebaker, The Complete Story" by Cannon and Fox, I was birthed on the last day of 1949 model year production. (Anybody got a car for sale that was assembled that day?)
      Roger Hill

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        The reason July 4th worked so well in 2009 is that it fell on a Saturday, and many people didn't have to work. In the United States, Independence Day is a stat holiday, while it is not in Canada. If it occured on a weekday, the participation here would have been far less. Even though it is a long weekend, by keeping it on the Saturday, it would ensure most won't have to work that day, not to mention, Labor Day is recognized in both the US and Canada. Kind of ironic, but I have to work that day this year, so the best I can do is drive my Studebaker to work and back on the 4th. Otherwise, I'll have to work the next Saturday, and miss the zone meet!!

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          Drive Your Studebaker Day 2011

          There's a reason we (whoever we are-wasn't me) put it in Autumn for 2010: the southern hemisphere.
          July 22 is the middle of winter for them, and it is International Drive Your Studebaker Day.
          It was therefore semi-decided that spring/fall was a better time of year. Owners in both hemispheres can hope for car-driving weather (in general, though an isolated rainy day might make it a bad date for some locations, but that could not be helped no matter what date you put it on).
          I wouldn't object to moving it one week later-the Saturday weekend after Labor Day. But it really should stay on a day when most people have off from work.
          Not everybody has a job where they can bring a Studebaker. Some urban people have no place to park a car at work at all.

          It is a toss up to me whether that should be a Saturday or Sunday.
          I doubt there are a lot of dedicated Sunday church-goers in any old car hobby because most car shows are on Sundays. In any event, anyone who was hell-bent on attending a church could drive a Studebaker to get there. So I don't think Sunday should be taken out of consideration for 2011.
          Saturdays are against the religion of ultra orthodox Jews, who would have to drive their Studebaker after sundown on a Saturday, to follow their religion. But I doubt there are more than a handful of such people in the Studebaker hobby, if there are any at all. (Most Jews have no problems with engaging in a hobby activity on their sabbath, which is Saturday, not Sunday).
          But I really think it should stay on a weekend to allow the highest percentage of car owners, in all countries of the globe, to participate.


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            IMO, the date selected this year is perfect. I'd love to see it every year.

            1) Weekend a must for greatest participation.
            2) The weather works well, Internationally, and is drier than Springtime.
            3) Some chapters/clubs also participate in a Parade on Sunday - Come see us! Maybe even RIDE ALONG if you have a good candy-throwing arm!
            4) It celebrates the era of USA's industrial powerhouse was when Studebakers were produced. SA-LUTE!
            62 GT


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              This is not a full report on our chapter's celebration of International Drive Your Studebaker Day. It is however, a comment on the date chosen this year for the celebration. As I said in an earlier post in this thread, last year was not a problem for our chapter despite it being July 4th. I was surprised that this year was different. Labor Day traffic played havoc with our drive to the winnery. It also made it difficult for some folks traveling to and from our event. Those that organized this year's IDYSD went all out, doing a great job providing us a wonderful event. We had a great turnout with twelve Studebakers traversing the eastern North Carolina countryside. I would concur with those that are for not putting the event on a holiday weekend. I realize that this is an international event and that a lot of things must be considered to make the date of such an event one that ensues success. Still, I think we need to consider a weekend that is not a major holiday for the event. I am afraid that not doing so may mean some of folks won't participate next year.
              Joe Roberts
              '61 R1 Champ
              '65 Cruiser
              Eastern North Carolina Chapter


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                Next year, I would like to agree on a day that has less rain! It POURED here.

                Seriously, for any event, you can't please all the people all the time.

                I also have found that the "doers" in most SDC clubs have been doing it for a while now, and there is an element of burn-out showing. There are only a few that have the time and inclination to run many of our activities, and I applaud them all, including SDC drivers, vendors, executive and volunteers.

                I encourage those that think that more is to be done to "step up to the plate."


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                  I think that the idea of people all over the world participating in the same event is somehow exciting and thus attracts people that might not normally show up. At both this and last year's IDYSD events we actually attracted Studebaker drivers that we had never seen before. The result was an increase in membership. It is a good recruiting tool. I just would hate to see this event end because it was held at times that make caravaning, and travel in general, less enjoyable.

                  As for press coverage this year, I don't how that was taken care of. I do know that last year press releases were put out for chapters to use. Where these sent ou this year?
                  Joe Roberts
                  '61 R1 Champ
                  '65 Cruiser
                  Eastern North Carolina Chapter


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                    September really works well because in August or July it is an oven outside and the car is like a steam bath.
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                      I second Jeff - we need a media blitz.

                      As to the selection of the day: I thought 1st Saturday in September was the date. Was that not it? We need to pick a day and keep to it, folks.

                      Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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                        IMHO, the Saturday in early September idea seemed pretty inspired to me. I have no complaints at all.

                        I put off a lot of chores I could have been doing, and instead used my brother's and my dad's Champ pickups (unrestored stock '63 long wide bed and restored customized '62 short wide bed, respectively) to get some other chores and errands done.

                        It didn't hurt that the weather in central Missouri was glorious!
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                          Well regardless of what Paul said, he did a fantastic job of putting together a tour that attracted about 20 cars that completely lined the front of the AACA Museum in Hershey, PA and attracted a lot of attention along the way. Thanks PJ for all of the hard work and a great day.
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                            Maybe I am beating a dead horese here, but the 2010 date being on Labor Day weekend did not work well for us. As I have said before, we had a good turnout, but many of those same folks have said that they won't do this again on Labor Day weekend. I am writting this after seeing Matthew's Turning Wheels article where he asked for suggestions. I can't say that I have an exact date, but I really think we should stay away from major holiday weekends. I do remember that it is an international event. It wold be nice to have some of our internation members comment on this too.

                            If it is too cold, and possible messy during winter and too warm during summer that leaves spring and fall. Frankly this year's September date was not enough cooler than July to make a difference.

                            Okay, now that I have stirred the pot, what dates come to the top? It would be good to have an idea about the date befofre too long. I know our chapter will be setting its 2011 calendar at our December meeting. We actually have at least one event already scheduled for next year.
                            Joe Roberts
                            '61 R1 Champ
                            '65 Cruiser
                            Eastern North Carolina Chapter


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                              So far September has gotten a lot of good response. I'm leaning towards that month for next year but obviously staying away from holiday dates.

                              And yes, any suggestions are welcome.