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Studebaker in England on 4th July

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  • Studebaker in England on 4th July

    Hi All,
    The weather in the UK in the midlands was perfect. Our day started off by dropping my wife off in Leamington Spa in our 1963 Daytona Hardtop, with baby on board. At 15.5 months baby Eilish is begining to enjoy these old jalopies. Our Lark was parked out the front of our house all day.


    After Kristine is away, it is just dad and daughter so it is going to be real fun now.

    Later in the morning my mother who is visiting from back home Melbourne Australia and baby take our business parcels to the post office for posting. The post office is having a 4th of July theme and has used some of my Studebakers and other related American toys in a display at one side of his shop window.

    Afterwards we head off to a local farm shop out in the rolling hills of Warwickshire to get a few large steaks for the BBQ in the evening.

    Happyness for a baby girl is falling asleep in the back of dad's Australian built 1937 Studebaker Dictator cruising sedan. This was our wedding car back home in Australia and was also the car used to bring our daughter home from the hospital when she was born, and is our family car.

    Spare wheels in fenders are perfect for sitting on

    Three generations

    Relaxing for a few beers at one of our local pubs The Saxon Mill on the Avon river. A fitting conclusion to the day.

    The view from the beer garden in the pub on the river looking over to the ruins of Guy's Cliff House.

    Greg Diffen
    Australian Stude nut living in Warwick, United Kingdom

    1933 St Regis Brougham Model 56 Dutch delivered
    1937 Dicator sedan. Australian Body by TJ Richards
    1939 Packard Seven Passenger monster UK delivered
    1939 Commander Sedan Australian Body by TJ Richards
    1939 Commander Swiss Cabriolet by Lagenthal
    1961 Hawk
    1963 Daytona Hardtop
    1988 Avanti Convertible
    Greg Diffen

    Editor Studebaker Owners Club UK magazine

    Australian Stude guy living in Warwick, United Kingdom

    1933 St Regis Brougham Model 56 delivered new in the Netherlands
    1937 Dictator sedan Australian Body by TJ Richards RHC
    1937 Packard Super 8 Limousine UK delivered RHC
    1939 Packard Super 8 Seven Passenger sedan monster UK delivered RHC
    1939 Commander Cabriolet by Lagenthal of Switzerland
    1963 Lark Daytona Hardtop
    1988 Avanti Convertible

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    WOW, that last picture is amazing! Looks like you had a great time...I wish the weather here was as good as you guys had it...and I wish I took some pictures...oh well. Funny, your post office looks more american than the ones over here did on saturday. Another funny note...I met my wife at a coffee house called "the Rock" in Omaha Nebraska (papillion, actually, a suburb of omaha). I am sure they are not affiliated...

    1963 Lark, 259 V8, two-tone paint, Twin Traction. Driven often, always noticed!


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      That post is a really neat story. Thanks for posting it and letting us in on your family day.

      '50 Champion, 1 family owner


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        Eilish is a real cutie! Thanks for sharing those great photos of your cars and the countryside.

        '59 Lark VI Regal Hardtop
        '59 Lark VI Regal Hardtop
        Recording Secretary, Long Island Studebaker Club


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          Good to see you even if only in pictures. I want to thank you for your respect for our country and our Studebakers.I very much enjoyed seeing you in Lancaster last year and renewing our friendship.

          studedick from the lower Ozarks


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            Very nice, Greg!

            Your scenery is almost as nice as my Caledon scenery.

            I enjoyed our drive and conversation back from the Intl meet.

            I presume the 4 door convertible is gone??

            Nice fleet!

            Cheers! (have a COLD one for me) (don't like warm beer!)



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              Another fun day - but how could it not be when you're driving Studebakers! Thanks!

              1957 Transtar 1/2ton
              1963 Cruiser
              1960 Larkvertible V8
              1958 Provincial wagon
              1953 Commander coupe
              1957 President two door

              No deceptive flags to prove I'm patriotic - no biblical BS to impress - just ME and Studebakers - as it should be.