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  • Drive my Studebaker Every Day... Day

    For International Drive Your Studebaker Day, I hopped into my '56 Transtar and took off to pick up a load of hay for our horses, stopped at Sierra Grille for a BBQ sandwich, filled the gas tank and went to Holiday Market to get some groceries for my wife. Just another day for my daily driven Studebaker pick-up. At a stop light, some youngsters were sitting next to me waiting for the green... the fellow in the front seat was looking my truck up & down. When he saw I was looking at him, he called out; "Cool truck!... what is it?" I replied that it was a Studebaker. He grinned & said; "Oh yeah... I heard o' those!" Gotta love it! It's amazing how people who wouldn't give you the time of day if you were in a "domestic vehicle" will start up a conversation with you just because you're cruising around in a neat old car/truck!
    There's one in every crowd, fer cryin' out loud... why was it always turnin' out to be me?

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    I like your dogs.
    Gary L.
    Wappinger, NY

    SDC member since 1968
    Studebaker enthusiast much longer


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      Yep, John. I drive either my '55 President or '61 Champ truck daily and have met some very nice people. I always plan extra time when I am in town because I know I will get engaged at least once my someone who encounters me in a parking lot and wants to ask about my vehicle or tell me about the Studebaker their grandfather had. People tell me they have seen me around town and were hoping to get a chance to talk to me. For meeting new people, owning a Studebaker is the next best thing to having a dog.
      Your Transtar looks really nice. Keep it on the road. It's a gem.
      Ed Sallia
      Dundee, OR

      Sol Lucet Omnibus


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        I really enjoy driving my 64R2 Avanti or my64 R1 Hawk; full performance pckge car, often. Sometimes just an enjoyable drive for 45minutes or a 200mile destination ride. The joy is just the time n listening to the engine, great therapy


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          Nothing beats motor-vating around Monmouth County, especially the towns of Atlantic Highlands, Long Branch, Bradley Beach and of course Asbury Park. I met some wonderful folks out and about in Ocean Grove. The Studebaker memories flow like Niagara.