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Stainless Windshield Trim

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    I don't know if you really want someone to answer your question, but my take on it is that while all parts of the country and, world for that matter, have environmental conditions that cause a car to become unusable, we just have less of them. Since we can use our cars longer means more cars have survived. Several years ago there was a listing by state, showing archival Studebaker license registrations showing that the state of Washington was always among the leaders in Studebaker registrations. This was in spite of the fact that some states had much larger populations.

    Ok, Washington, how are there so many stude guys there,not being a state till 1904?


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      I knew I was taking a chance putting it all in without the trim since I'd have to remove the glass to add it but I really wanted to see how it looked. The original trim appears to have been ruined by someone prying it off with the glass still in. I used a new gasket from one of the vendors here and didn't use any sealant so hopefully the glass will come out ok. The rear window seal wont lay flat without the trim and I think it will look funny if I add one end without the other.

      Jambo, I haven't been able to find gaskets that eliminated the trim, but I do agree that they look nice without.

      Gord, If you have a front set you'd sell I would be very interested.


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        Anyone know of a good source or used parts vendor that may have some?
        Has anyone found a method to seal it without the trim? My rear gasket doesn't look like it sits right.


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          Jambo may be a victim of 'auto correct'. I'm sure he was saying 'customs', as in custom cars or customized cars.


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            Yes auto correct is dangerous.
            If you email your neighbor that you are using his WIFI
            because your router quit and autocorrect changes WIFI to wife!

            Robert Kapteyn


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              I have a good selection of new & used postwar parts & a yard full of parts cars. I have all garnish moldings for c/k cars.

              Barry'd in Studes