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Wish I had one of mine running this weekend.

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  • Wish I had one of mine running this weekend.

    Took my wife out for supper this evening. Met a 54 Stude Coupe hot rod on the highway. Then spotted a Champ pickup pulled up at a motel. Did a quick turn around, seeing Larks at the motel, of course I had to pull in. Turns out the Iowa Hawkeye group was having their Fall tour. Met a couple of real nice guys, talked Studebakers, got a good once over on a Daytona two door, 51 Commander, and a Yellow Lark convertible. Nearly 20 cars in attendance so far. Gorgeous weekend lined up, only 30 miles from me, and here I sit with nothing drivable and licensed. Just ain't fair. Heck.

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    Don't feel alone... My '56 Power Hawk sets idly in storage with a short laundry list of tasks remaining...


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      I know the feeling too. Don't know if Ed ('62 Champ) will ever see the road again (with me anyway) and Bess ('56 Parkview) is laid up with valve issues. The '60 Champ (Wilber?) is having fuel delivery problems and needs tires. So, I'm driving the econo-bubble. One sympathises...
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