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  • Overwhelmed by my GT

    I think I've reached a point where it's time to back out of my Hawk project. I'm running out of money, skills and enthusiasm. . . although it has been fun actually being able to drive a Studebaker for a while now. I haven't done much to make it pretty yet. But I was surprised by how much I have done according to the list below.

    I'm going to be out of state for a while so won't be able to put it on eBay for a couple weeks. Based on the following, what do you think it might be worth? (I won't have new pictures 'til I get back and put it on eBay.

    If anyone reading this is interested, let me know by private mail and we can talk.

    1962 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk

    Engine: New fan belt, Edelbrock 1406 carb rebuilt, new neoprene valve cover gaskets and grommets with chrome nuts/washers, new temperature sender, new thermostat, newer cooling system hoses. Electric cooling fan. New oil filter rubber lines. New oil pressure relief valve and spring. Fresh oil, oil and air filters.

    Exhaust: All new pipes and mufflers installed.

    Transmission: Factory Borg-Warner T-10 4 speed with Hurst shifter. 2nd gear synchro needs work.

    Ignition: New points, condenser, rotor, cap, plugs and wires

    Battery: Two years old

    Brakes: new master and wheel cylinders, new metal lines, new rubber hoses, new manufacture Studebaker International Hydrovac brake booster, new rear shoes, brake drums cleaned up and painted, and in decent shape. New parking brake cables

    Fuel: New Carter fuel pump, new rubber lines, tank boiled out, Red-Coated and refinished outside with cold spray galvanizing topped with aluminum paint; new sender and float

    Tires: New Dunlop 215/70R/15 radials three years ago. No spare.

    Wheels: Crown Victoria steel wheels sand blasted and refinished. Original Studebaker wheels included.

    Driveline: Fairborne/Moser flanged axle conversion installed, including new thrust blocks. Twin Traction Dana 44 rear end.

    1. Needs new front floors and outer rockers. New Classic Enterprises trunk floor included but not
    2. New Loga interior door cards included but not installed.
    3. Left door/window: New felt liner on front window edge. Lift mechanism rebuilt by Studebaker International. New rollers and springs installed, springs and rollers also included but not installed on right door. New wing vent rubber installed on left, new rubber included but not installed on right door. Inside of left door treated with POR15. New Catwhiskers for both sides, front and rear, included but not installed.
    4. Replacement surface rusted left front outer fender included but not installed. Left front fender was damaged when I bought it. New upper fender and wheel stainless included. Right front fender has the usual rear edge rust starting. Right rear has usual behind the door rust area.
    5. Roof had surface rust. It has been sanded out, treated and primed. Needs finishing.
    6. Bumper chrome is poor, but stainless is all there and good.
    7. Needs new paint.

    Frame: Surface rusted but solid. All recently greased.

    Interior: New gas pedal. New brake and clutch pedals (not installed). Needs new headliner. Clock does not work. Tachometer is intermittent. New ignition switch wired in. Needs upholstery.

    Known issues: Temp gauge pegs at 240, but a thermometer in the radiator tank reads at about a proper 170 even when gauge is pegged at 240. 2nd gear synchro needs work. Needs priming to start if it sits more than 4-5 days - fuel drain back issue of some kind. Front bumper bent on right corner. Replacement wiper motor is included but not installed.

    Also included:
    Hard to find NOS front parking light lenses and three good light bodies.
    NOS right front fender transition piece.
    2 new outer gaskets for wing vent to door crack.
    Original Hydrovac core

    Not willing to part this out.

    Thanks for reading

    I finally have a Stude I can drive! (sort of)
    1962 GT Hawk, 4 speed, a/c

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    The Color of the Paint and Interior is a really BIG turn ON or off which affects desirability and VALUE, depending on who is buying.
    For instance, myself, I avoid any Light, bright, or too Yellow GREEN Cars, not too excited about Red ones either, usually only Maroon ones will do if I have a choice, and No Black ones either.

    Did I miss it? I did not notice the Colors mentioned.
    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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      If it's not pretty or unfinished you can't expect to recover your expenses,my opinion $ 2-3 K on a good day


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        Ask $2800......take anything north of $2200.


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          Oh my...two similar posts so close in time. http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...rt-Champion-54
          I hope this does not become a trend. Since I'm not privy to the circumstances and issues resulting in the discouragement, set backs, and details causing these individuals to become overwhelmed...I will not offer a misinformed opinion. As I commented in the other thread, I'm not so concerned about the car as to the well being, and peace of mind of the person. I wish you well regardless of what you decide.
          John Clary
          Greer, SC

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            A picture is worth a thousand words! Oh,I see you have plans for pics on ebay. Start it at $100,with a reserve you can live with. Good time for someone to buy a 'winter project'!


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              The 4 speed is a plus, but the rust issues will scare off many buyers. If this is a car you always wanted, you might consider just letting it wait. If another car at another time would do, then sell and replace later. I kept my 52 Champion for 40 years and finally let it go. A few years later, I got the chance to get my current Commander. That was a good thing for me.
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                I agree with 52-fan. Sounds like you already have more in it than you will get for an unassembled car. Take a small bite at a time and work through it. If you decide to sell it once it is put together you will recoup a lot more of your money but I will bet your decision will be to keep it.


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                  Driveline: Fairborne/Moser flanged axle conversion installed, including new thrust blocks. Twin Traction Dana 44 rear end.

                  This pushes the price up.