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Studebaker Meet Oliver and the Tin Man

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  • Studebaker Meet Oliver and the Tin Man

    I woke up at 3 AM this morning, so I decided to drive my 50 Champion to the Menomonie, WI swap meet. It was nice to drive on interstate 94 with not much traffic. I arrived well before the sun came up, so I crawled into the back seat and fell asleep. One of the swap meet sellers came over to see if I was still alive about 8:30, so I made the rounds. I couldn't find anything I needed after walking around for a few hours, so I left and decided to take the back roads home.

    Wisconsin has some of the nicest back roads of any state I know for driving an antique car on. The roads are in excellent condition and sparsely travelled. I saw this nice piece of yard art at the end of a farmer's driveway, so I had to stop and get a picture. The Tin Man is made from a heavy riveted pressure tank, so he won't rust away any time soon. I stopped at a couple antique shops, but couldn't find anything there either, so for driving 200 miles and making several stops I only spent $1 at Kwik Trip to buy 4 donuts.

    The day's trip did once again confirm that my carb heat shield has solved my boiling fuel problems, and I have finally zeroed in on the voltage needed to make my 12 volt Holley pump maintain 3 pounds of pressure. 5 volts makes it work perfectly, and I'd already bought a small regulated 5 volt power supply on ebay for a few dollars, so when I have spare time I'll be installing that to replace the resistors I'm now using. I did buy a fuel pump kit from Dave T. to repair my original mechanical pump, and I might get that installed this winter.

    Stillwater, MN was my last stop of the day, and that used to be a town full of antique shops. I was hoping to find some Studebaker related items, but almost all the antique shops are gone now, so I didn't buy a thing there either. Got lots of thumbs up and put on 200 miles, so it was a good day.

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    Soo what was the temp in the wee hours of the AM. What was the high there today?


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      The temp was in the upper 70's, and I used to have fuel boiling problems at those temps before the heat shield.
      I don't know if the heat shield is enough to fix problems with ethanol, because that junk will never go into my car if I can help it. For those who are forced to use the garbage gas, the heat shield would still be worth a try.