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    The longest Studebaker related dealer still in existence today? I would suspect so. Yes, I know they aren't building Studebakers but they sold them for 50 years as they received a 50 year dealer plaque that Mike still has in in his possession.
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      Originally posted by jclary View Post
      I have been waiting for someone with, credible knowledge, (not me), to contribute comments regarding the Kentucky Wagon Mfg. Company. It is my understanding, that Studebaker sold them the right, (and perhaps some tooling), to use their designs to the Louisville based company. They continued for some time, to manufacture and sell farm wagons labeled "THE STUDEBAKER WAGON" after 1920. I'm not sure of the details, or for how long they continued. However, I suspect, like many entrepreneurial enterprises, their business morphed into other markets. I wouldn't be surprised, if there are contemporary corporate entities, (just like Studebaker) whose foundation roots can be traced back to the original company.
      Was my posting quoting, not credible (lol). Please don't take offence but my posting preceded yours.
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        Originally posted by 2moredoors View Post
        Was my posting quoting, not credible (lol). Please don't take offence but my posting preceded yours.
        No offense taken at all. You probably posted while I was contemplating my post. Around here, I sometimes start a post, get called away, come back to the computer, and finish what I was typing.

        Like this post...that was interrupted by the poodle coming into the room to demand I let him go outside and pee on the cat.
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          It should be noted that Kentucky Wagon Manufacturing only bought the Farm Wagon business from Studebaker.

          The Dump Wagon business was sold to the Western Wheeled Scraper Company (part of the Austin-Western Road Machinery Company). They manufactured a wagon know as the "Western-Studebaker" through the mid-1920s.

          Click image for larger version

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            Thank you all for in depth lesson on Studebaker horse drawn.