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Quiz: The hardest hoses to change on a Studebaker

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    Tom was first with the winning answer, though any PS car after '55 counts. Those ports are at such odd angles, and cross members, tie rods, etc are in the way. Ugh. As bad or worse is fitting the hoses on a PS conversion on a truck where the axle and tie rod are even more in the way. It took a half hour for those two, only to find out I had them backwards, and yes, like a car, the steering wheel shakes violently.

    Originally posted by Tom B View Post
    '55 President, power steering hoses on unit.

    Ron Dame
    '63 Champ


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      I have to admit when I had my power steering rebuilt, I removed the left front fender for ease of access. There's no way I could have taken that PS unit out with the fender in place. It was either that or the motor, and that wasn't really a choice.


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        P/S hoses hands down those #$%@ things are next to impossible to get a wrench on when in the car ! with Bendex type control valve


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          The routing of the power steering pressure and return lines on Studebaker Avantis. At any car shows that I attend, I always look at the Avantis on display and seldom see one with proper placement of those two lines.