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1955 speedster under hood and inner trunk paint color information needed.

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  • 1955 speedster under hood and inner trunk paint color information needed.

    I have owned a 1955 lemon/lime Studebaker speedster for over 10 years. (6H K7 740 78069I7). Two years ago I pulled it off the road to do some much needed body repairs from older restorations. We peeled back 7 layers of paint (all green/yellow except for one stint of black/gold)- the body was in excellent shape except for one rear fender dog leg, the drivers side floor, and the front air duct surrounds. A older leaded repair of the left rear tailight area was returned back to factory form also.
    The inner trunk area has always been Heliah green. The firewall was healiah green for the 1st layer with " 98 3677 Yellow" written on it in black wax crayon. It was then painted over with sun valley yelllow.
    My question is what color should the underside of the hood and trunk lid be?
    I believe the hood should be yellow to match the top side and inner finders. Not sure if the firewall below the seam was green when it left the factory or yellow. I am not sure twhat color the underside of the trunk lid should be, green or yellow. The car also has its original yellow leather headliner in excellent shape.
    Any advice will be appreciated.
    Todd Stiles

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    Interesting questions! far as the hood goes, the underside should be yellow....For the firewall, all yellow would be correct, however, yellow on top of the seam and green below the seam would, in some cases, also be correct.

    The underside of the deck lid should be painted yellow, although some Speedsters left the factory with the entire trunk area painted grey or 'greige'!

    Your Speedster isn't in the I'm entering it now! (You're lucky that your headliner is in good shape....they are PRICEY!!)


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      The serial number indicates Los Angeles production. They were known to paint some parts differently than South Bend. Not certain, but I think your colors are correct.


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        Do you know of any differences in the South Bend versus California produced 55 speedsters other than the gold president script on the rear fender. I cannot find any literature specifically on the speedsters. The archivist at the South bend museum believed that there was also a difference in the center stainless hood trim.
        I have two center hood trim pieces for the car. One has a gold plated pot metal fin and the other has a clear plastic fin.
        Also all four of my center hubcaps for the spoke hubcaps have a central 1 1/4 clear plastic disc with the S logo in black. They are old because the surface is rough and cracked. All the other speedsters have the central area painted gold.
        The car is painted and we are polishing the stainless and waiting for the chrome shop to refinish a few items.
        Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
        Todd Stiles --Cell (270)543-6319