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1940 Studebaker Champion (Q1)

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  • 1940 Studebaker Champion (Q1)

    My car is mostly original with the installed rubber floor completely falling apart. Does anyone know of a supplier that sells a preformatted covering or sells the rubber to be formed and cut by the buyer? I am also searching for the following door glass seals:

    - Outer Seal on Door: 271444 (RH) & 271445 (LH)
    - Inner Seal on Molding: 271454 (RH) & 271455 (LH)

    I suspect the door glass seals may be difficult to locate. Can anyone suggest a good alternative?

    Thanks in advance for your help. Don

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    one problem I've always seen with a Studebaker floor mat.... They trap moisture in the floorboard and rot it out there, so if you do, make it removeable so that occasionally you can check/paint the floor rust spots....

    I don't even use one myself. just bare painted floor.


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      Was hoping someone had a better plan but the fine folks at Greenville Rubber and Gasket in Greenville SC told me several years ago they could repro most floormats if they had an original in reasonable enough shape to discern the patterns and edges. I am not familiar with the door glass seals on a 40 so they may be able to supply something similar for that also or I have had good luck finding oddball stuff like that through the guy that does my upholstery work. Bill Fennesey's daughter? took over his business and may have stuff that far back also. She advertises in TW and I am sure others here have her contact info. Steve


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        Thank you for your suggestion. Yes, there is surface rust on the floor pan which will get wire brushed and then covered with POR-15 to prevent future rust. It has worked well on other older cars I have had. But leaving the floor pan bare is a last resort.


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          Thanks Steve for the pointer to Greenville Rubber and TW. I'll check them both out.


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            Yeah, give Valerie Hansen (Bill Fennessey's Daughter) a call in Nashville. I think she advertises in the back of TW