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  • Speed Week 2016

    Today is the first day of racing. I found a couple of sets of pictures already but the results aren't posted yet so I don't know who's run so far. Several nice pictures of C/Ks in various classes. There's also a shot of the Monza that took our F/CGC record (it's green with orange flames). Still looking for pictures of Jim Lange's car. Does anyone know if he's out there yet? Also, does anyone know the 6302 car? It's running XO/GC. It might be a Champion engine if he has EFI hooked up to it or else he'd be running production class. It could be a Commander 6. More likely it's a GMC.



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    I wish I could have taken my car this year. The last 2 years were called off due to very poor salt conditions due to rain.

    Click image for larger version

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      Thanks for the posting for those of us who couldn't make it. A Crossley and a Renault at Bonneville-Now I've seen everything!


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        Thanks for posting the photos Bob.



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          I really thought it was over for Bonneville. So glad to see they made it happen this year.
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            I went in 1998 for the 50th, and stayed 8 days. It was the most satisfying motorsports experience of my life. The thing I really love about salt racing? There are NO cookie-cutter cars. Individuality and problem solving rule. High tech, low tech, vintage or freshly constructed - all are valid answers to the question of, how fast can you go?
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              Here's the SCTA page for results:

              They will get updated as the event moves forward.

              More pictures than you can shake a stick at with plenty of Studebakers.

              Hope someone can figure out where Jim Lange is. Haven't seen a picture of his car yet.


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                I was on the salt in 2003 as a crew member for a friend. It was indeed an incredible experience. I have wanted to go back every year since but it just hasn't happened. I was afraid, after the rain for the last couple of years, we may not see racing on the salt again. I am so glad things are back and going. If you want to see some of most ingenious attempts at automotive speed, Bonneville is the place. Hopefully I can make it back at some point.

                Thanks for posting the photos. They bring back many very pleasant memories.
                Joe Roberts
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                  I'm sure I read it was called off this year by some gov. agency
                  Was I wrong?
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                    Originally posted by sailingadventure View Post
                    I wish I could have taken my car this year. The last 2 years were called off due to very poor salt conditions due to rain.


                    What a great looking car, what are you running in it?