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1961 Lark fuel gauge wiring

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  • 1961 Lark fuel gauge wiring

    When we bought my son's 61 Lark, the original fuel gauge was missing, having been removed by the previous owner when it burned out.

    I bought a new one (NOS), and installed it in the car. The gauge works, but moves to "Full" when powered up and stays there regardless of the actual fuel level.

    When we had the gas tank out last year, I tested the fuel gauge sender with an ohm meter, and it seemed to be working fine. I had to pull the tank again over the weekend to fix a leak in the supply outlet, and tested the sender again by turning the tank to make the sender float move back and forth, and was getting different readings empty to full. The wrong sender could be in the tank too, I don't know if it is original or not. When we got the car, the first time we filled the tank, fuel was sloshing out of the sender, which had been installed without any kind of seal...

    Assuming the sender is correct, and working, I'm wondering if I may have the wires to and from the gauge backwards...

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram of the gauge that shows which wire goes to each terminal on the gauge? The standard wiring diagrams that I have for the whole car don't show this detail, and since the gauge was not there to start with, I didn't have any point of reference when I put the new gauge in.



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    Welcome to the forum, but better answers will come in the Tech section, perhaps the moderator can move it for you.


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      The Insulator board on the back of the Dash Gauge should have "IGN" or "Batt" stamped into it, but I know try reading that if it is in the Car!

      Check for the Sender Wire being shorted to ground and pinched between the Tank and Frame, or worn through somewhere else.

      You could have a weak, intermittent or no ground on the Tank, since you disturbed it.
      It is better to have a 16 Ga. wire from a Sender Screw to the frame to be sure.
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        White/black wire goes to lower terminal, Red/black wire goes to upper terminal. These connectors just push on. If they feel loose, squeeze them slightly. You may also need more ground wires. Clean, tighten, or repair the wire at right front motor mount. Add a body to engine or frame ground, add a sending unit to frame ground, and add a ground wire from gauge mounting strap to car body.


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          Quick update- I finally had some time to look at the fuel gauge in Ben's Lark, and I had the wires reversed on the gauge. I switched them, and it now works like it should. Happy to have checked off another item on the list...

          Thanks for the input!