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The origin of the term "sedan delivery"

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    Pictured is the 1975 -6 original Sandman. We never really had many of the bigger F100/Econoline based vans that were customised, most were the sedan delivery based size. Plenty of Volkswagen Kombis though.
    Original advertising posters for the first Sandmans appealed to Australians' affinity with the surf and the great outdoors.
    'It's built for new horizons: powered to take you wherever you get the urge. You make your own frontiers with this baby,' the posters said. 'If you've got the call of the wild, we've got your answer!'
    Holden branded the car 'Son of the beach'; The panel van and ute were perfect for throwing in the surfboards and camping on the sand dunes.
    Custom additions like the shag pile seat covers and floor rugs turned the vehicle into a 'personal pleasure machine' ideal for the drive-in movies.
    'Suddenly your van becomes a personal pleasure machine ... and it won't turn into a pumpkin if you're not home by midnight.'
    'Let the good times roll.'


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      Didn't Coca-Cola (in partnership with LevisĀ®) have a contest in the 1970's for a Ford Van-based Ute, called the 'Denimachine'?

      In the US & Canada, it was the full-size Econoline van.



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        Dang! I almost want. Those early Larks have to be one of the cutest sedan deliveries ever!
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          I was a member of the sedan delivery club when it started in Tulsa street rod mini nats in 1976. I also have a plaque from the sedan delivery club.
          101st Airborne Div. 326 Engineers Ft Campbell Ky.