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  • Good exposure

    Robert Kapteyn

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    Beautiful Cruiser too!


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      One of the best Stude related interviews I've seen in a while!


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        If I understand correctly, this Cruiser was involved in an altercation Friday or yesterday morning as it was not at our event. I'm unclear of the extent of the damage(hood, grille, radiator, bumper I was told) but it was substantial enough to preclude it's showing. We wish Chuck well with his car's recovery as this is THE car JC Taylor insurance uses for their advertisements.


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          Great interview!
          Sorry to read of the accident!
          If Chuck checks in here, I have a used grille and headlamp doors he can have for postage.
          Not NOS but serviceable.
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            I agree that was so much better than most TV interviews where they just hurry though it like they have better things to do and places to go.

            This Lady actually asked the right questions to get Chuck's answers. Chuck has several other very nice Studebakers and an Avanti.

            Very sorry that nice Cruiser was damaged, I hope it was not too bad to drive it or any personal injury's.
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              'Nice exposure! Also sorry to hear of the accident.

              I have an extra left headlight door available free for the postage; good used.

              However, it is the design with the sharp lower interior corner, and Chuck's car appears to have the softer, rounded interior lower corner. BP
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