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1935 Dictator color question!

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  • 1935 Dictator color question!

    What is the proper color for the radiator grille and hood grille for a 1935 Dictator? is it supposed to be be black or the same color of the body? Ken, Deltaville, Va

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    If no definitive answer forthcoming on this forum, try the AACA-Studebaker dedicated portion of their forum. That is where the real action is on the Pre-War cars! We have a 35 coupe which is yard art, but since it is black I can't answer your question.-Bill


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      Originally posted by Hallabutt View Post
      ... try the AACA-Studebaker ... forum. That is where the real action is on the Pre-War cars!
      I beg to differ. This is where all the action is on all things Studebaker. If anything, we need to get more of the pre-war car owners active here.
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        Photo below.

        Click image for larger version

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        Richard Quinn
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          Sorry Brad but the numbers just don't bare out your contention that there is more PW activity on the SDC forum then on the AACA forum. Two months activity SDC <10 loosely associated PW threads started; same period AACA <80 started. Another advantage of the AACA forum is the PW responses from people not even owning Studebakers, but who move freely among all things PW. I'm not trying to say that people with PW specific questions should shun the SDC forum, just that there is more PW information on the AACA site. Just the opposite, the more PW threads started on the SDC forum, the more educational opportunities for All Studebaker owners.