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Studebaker information..Packard the same?

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  • Studebaker information..Packard the same?

    I was wondering if there is someone that makes carpet kits for the 58 commander. I called stock interiors, I have bought many carpet kits from them for other vehicles always great, anyways, they don't offer anything for a Studebaker. Is Packard sedans the same floor as a Studebaker sedan? My vinyl is/was great shape but very brittal and want to change it out. Another thing, what are the colors of the engines suppose to be? I see silver, gold and red on mine. Anyone have a picture of one painted up? Does anyone have any contacts for NOS interior?

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    As long as its a President sedan, it will have the same floor stamping as a Packard sedan for '58. Commanders and Champions have a 4" shorter wheelbase. I suppose the excess rear carpet length will hide under the front seat in a Commander, although you will have to trim it to fit the narrower rear door opening.

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      Here are some'58 Engine views, they are Aluminum Silver front to tail of Transmission, pretty much everywhere.
      Note that both of these have been "dressed up" with '56-'57 valve Cover Decals, not Factory stock, but look good.

      Click image for larger version

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ID:	1708029 The Fan Blades only, (not Pulley) were Black on NOS Factory replacements and Silver on Production original Cars.
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        Southeast Studebaker makes complete interiors for your car, and very good quality. Just like factory. However there is a fairly long wait to get one, up to a year in my experience. Worth the wait if you have time and want it done correctly... I have purchased 2 complete interiors from them and they are NICE. One for my '64 Daytona, and one for our '57 Hawk.
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          According to their website, Stock Interiors does not carry carpets for Packards past 1956, which is not surprising since they don't list Studebaker either.
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