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1956 Packard article

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  • 1956 Packard article

    Robert Kapteyn

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    Interesting. Something never mentioned in articles lamenting the end of Packard, and/or blaming Studebaker, is that Studebaker made its greatest one-year profit in its over-100-year history, the very first year after there wasn't a Packard in the lineup. That, and the loss in '57 was 1/4 what it was in '56, with a mostly-unchanged Studebaker lineup.

    All that said, I could still enjoy a white and Scottish Heather '56 Four-Hundred!
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      I owned a '56 Clipper many years ago and loved it. What a comfortable car to ride in and drive.
      Ed Sallia
      Dundee, OR

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        Very nice article Robert... Thanks for posting!


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          Good story but, although Peerless stopped producing automobiles,
          They had purchased the American brewing rights to Carling. Converted the factory and became a brewer of Carling Red Cap and Black Lable.
          Hey Mabel!
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