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Lloyd Pearson dealer license frame

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  • Lloyd Pearson dealer license frame

    found on ebay
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    Not studes right now

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    sweet, somebody jumped right on it!

    Not studes right now


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      No Scott, thank you!

      I am the one who bought it. Being a near lifelong Pasadena resident, that frame is a blast from the past. I have a frame that was original to my car from Bill Brumet Mtrs but I still like this one for my garage.

      By the time I could actually remember Lloyd Pearson's, Studebaker was long gone. In my era the Hawk logo was replaced with a Volvo logo. Even at that late date there was still a red/white/blue Studebaker logo in the service enterence.

      Again, thanks,



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        Hey Ken, where was the dealer located? I've lived in Pasadena for 25 years so it was before my time.


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          Originally posted by Pancho View Post
          Hey Ken, where was the dealer located? I've lived in Pasadena for 25 years so it was before my time.
          Hey Frank,

          Lloyd Pearson had two different locations over the years. He started before I was born in '55 on N. Lake St., on what is now the SE corner at the fwy. By '59 the store was moved (initially) to the NW corner of Colorado and San Marino while construction was finished on the building on the NE corner where Rusnak has the Volvo franchise. The showroom has been massively and poorly removed and replaced but the area behind is pretty much intact.

          Ironic fact, when Rusnak bought the dealership from Pearson, after several years at the same location the Mercedes portion would be moved into what I think was a building built in 1925 for a previous Studebaker dealer.


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            I own a Avanti that was sold new at Morris Motors in Bakersfield ,Ca. I searched for many years for a dealer plate, at the swap meet, ebay, etc to no avail. Three years ago while attending the La Palma meet a vendor had a bunch of license plate frames . He was not a Studebaker guy,he just had a bunch of parts to sell. I asked him if he had a Morris Motors plate and he thought he did but would have to search through what he brought that day. We agreed on a price and I told him I would be back later after his search. I came back paid him and walked about 20 feet and John Metzker asked if I just bought the plate I was holding as he had sold it that same morning to my "guy" with a bunch of other license plate frames. My purchase cost $100.00, John selling cost $5.00. We had a good laugh and agreed that timing is everything. I was happy with the purchase and no longer had to search for my elusive "Morris Motors" license frame.Click image for larger version

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              i'd have taken less, although it did cost me $10 to ship it, I just thought somebody here should have it, I hope you enjoy it.
              Not studes right now


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                '64 Avanti Plate Frame

                This came on my '64 Avanti...suppose to be from the South Bend area.....
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