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59 Lark...whats she worth?

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  • 59 Lark...whats she worth?

    I've been corresponding with a gentleman that is attempting to sell a 59 lark 4-door that was donated to his church. I finally got to see and drive the car today.
    Good points....nicely redone seats that are semi appropriate to the car. New carpet that fits well. New paint in original color. 2-3 years old would be my guess. body work prior to paint was done nicely and one has to really look closely to see it. New battery and cables. NOS fuel tank. New tires.with only a couple hundred miles on them. The flathead 6 cyl runs like new. 3 speed transmission shifts well and OD seems to work. lights all work but turn signals don't cancel. Brakes work fine. trunk floor is clean and solid. Floor pan only has one rusted out area about the size of a silver dollar.

    now the down side.
    The steering seems very hard so it may need tie-rod ends, ball joints ect. Heater control valve is not working. It's LOUD and needs either a muffler or front exhaust pipe (has new tail pipe). Wipers don't work and I have a sneaky suspicion that its an electrical problem as the wiring that is coming thru the dash, (and maybe under the dash), is a virtual rats nest of splices and wires that go nowhere.The wiring scares the poop outta me But putting in a new harness is within my abilities

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    What would a fair price be? The odometer shows 32,xxx miles the seller says its 132,xxx but I am of the opinion that it may be 32,xxx due to such things as most of the original engine paint is still there. Pedals are not worn and other little things. The gentleman that gave the car to the church says that when he got the car from the first owner they said the miles were not over.
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    The Value as always is in the Eye of the beholder/Buyer.

    I like that it is a Regal (Top of the Line) Model with a very nice Interior. Not so Great is the 170 Flathead Six, but if that Mileage is anywhere close to correct it will go a whole lot more as long as Overdrive is used.

    It has to be worth in the Neighborhood of $3500.00 based on what Lark Sixes have been selling for on eBay.

    Hey it could be a lot worse/slower, it COULD be an Automatic.

    My opinion is, they should have held that Option until they had a 230-250 C.I.D. OHV Six to churn it up.
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      Steering could be hard due to all the grease fittings that many overlook, especially the one for the center pivot. I think Rich is right in the ballpark on it's worth. What I notice is the mounting of the voltage regulator. It's mounted horizontally instead of the usual vertical position. When I got my 59 it's regulator was mounted the same way so I'm wondering if that was what was done on the early cars or what? Another quirk of my 59 is the horn on the right side was mounted low like the left & the wire harness went under the radiator instead of over as I've seen in later cars. I agree that a new harness would be in order soon after you purchase the car.
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        A little more checking might reveal the actual mileage.... and that doesn't factor in a broken speedo along the way. I think this is a nice looking car. Not a problem if in flat country. By the time you open up the front end for bushings and center pin kit, you're almost there fixing any front suspension/steering issues found. But figure another $1K+, also another $300. finalizing the exhaust situation. But now, you're up to $5K.. and I think that's "pushing" the real value.....But, once that was all done.....and that rust out isn't a "preview of coming attractions"..... you'd have a nice little car.


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          It's definitely not ball joints.
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            For that car (four door, six cyl.), based on your description and being in Ohio, my guesstimate is $2500.
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              Thanks for all the input. I am, given your opinions, thinking of an offer around $3000.


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                I've been following this car on eBay and made two make offers through eBay of $2500 (during separate listings - it has been listed off and on for over month) without a response from seller.